I was wrong about Dymatize.

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  1. ScabbyJr

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    That's a great protein. Really like the casein before bed.
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  2. rutman

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    I think it actually tests out as really high quality. I’ve drank the elite whey for years.

    All star health sells 10lbs for $84
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  3. MCFC

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    Love Dymatize as well and used their proteins for years because of the taste as well as being a clean protein with no shit fillers.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    What do y'all think about isopure? I'm about 3/4 way through 7lbs. Taste is ok nothing special.
  5. I use isopure when I can get a bit of a deal on it and I think it serves its purpose. Same with allmax isoflex as well. Yeah they’re a bit expensive and whatnot but from reading and looking into those two products specifically I feel like I’m actually getting what I pay for. Recently been using MyProtein WheyISO. have a ton of great flavors, normally there’s a lot of deals on it as well and has a 90% protein content just as most ISO do. But recently grabbed about 10lbs of it for about $85 and couldn’t pass that up (always have some sort of deal on their site). The Cinnamon Roll flavor is awesome. Tastes just like Cinnabon. Mix up well too just not extremely thick like allmax would be. Haven’t had a bad experience with their brand yet taste wise or price wise.
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  6. Gbro

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    I'm cheap and pick up Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard from Costco.
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  7. ScabbyJr

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    X2 on the allmax. Yeah..the cinnamon bun flavor is dope!
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