Ideal storage temp for HGH and Peptides

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by flenser, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. flenser

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    I looked but couldn't find a thread on this. I usually keep this stuff in the fridge, but we have been getting frequent visits lately from family members who don't need to know what I do. I decided to get a beer fridge for our bedroom, and noticed some silent electronic compact fridges small enough to fit in a drawer or bookshelf. They cool to around 50 deg F rather than the 40 deg F of the typical food fridge.

    So anyone know if reconstituted GH or peptides degrade much faster at 50 deg than they will at 40 deg?

    This is the one I'm looking at.

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  2. Eman

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    Most pharmaceutical GH package inserts call for a storage temperature of 36-46 degrees.

    I personally wouldn't use a fridge quite like that, but that's not to say you couldn't. I think the temp swings would be pretty significant and the method of cooling is probably pretty crude.
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  3. TheH0517

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    Klarstein Secret Hiding Place Silver Minibar Compact Cooler 0.6 Cubic Ft Single door Quiet Operation Adjustable Temperature (40-59°F) Silver finish

    Taylor Classic Series Large Dial...

    Perfect size for my bedroom and sits between 40-45 degrees turned all the way down.
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  4. NorthMich

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    You have one of those little fridge deals?

    Amazon review said it was loud and never turned off
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  5. flenser

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    The really small ones are electronic and completely silent.
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  6. flenser

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    Thanks. I found the recommended temperatures about an hour after I posted - the hazard of being old and half blind. I guess I will have to get something bigger if I can find someplace to put it. Maybe I'll just tell everyone it's insulin and I have diabetes : )
  7. Eman

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    I just put my GH at the back of the deli meat drawer if people are going to be at my house but you never know if people are going to be nosy... You would really need to dig to even see what's in the boxes.

    Those little drink coolers tend to work best when they're full and have something like a can of beer or soda inside because it helps stabilize the temperature. You can probably find a pretty cheap mini fridge on craigslist that holds the temp well.

    I'm not actually certain what method is used to cool the fride however, my guess is it's a type of cold rail.

    I like the diabetic idea though... Or heroin addiction, perhaps. Just leave syringes and burnt spoons everywhere and tell everyone to stop telling you how to live your life.
  8. TheH0517

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    Trust me, it doesn’t work :oops:
  9. BigPharma

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    I was instructed by supplier to put new kits in freezer and move to fridge after mixing. (36-44in my fridge) any thoughts
  10. Marcus

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    Freezer? My understanding is this is a definite no. What kind of kits are they?
  11. janoshik

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    Actually freezer is a good idea.

    The purest HGH, pharmaceutical reference standards, are kept on dry ice.
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  12. Marcus

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    And we’re talking about unreconstituted only, correct?

    What’s up Jano, been in a minute
  13. BigPharma

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    Generic hgh from long time trusted source at AB.
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  14. janoshik

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    Yes, absolutely. Only unreconstitued should go to freezer.

    If reconstituted is frozen it screws the hormone up big time. I've been consulting with a guy who had EPO tested with me and it always came back perfect, but he got very little out of it. After investigation it turned out he stored it on ice (and 1 ml syringe freezes fast in a bag full of ice in a back of a truck). EPO is not HGH, but it gives one a good idea.

    I've been doing well, life's been good to me and my family recently.

    Hope the same's going for you!
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  15. Marcus

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    Good to hear. Same here. Can’t complain!

    Damn, i have long days as I work daily 80-130 miles from home. So long drives and 14-18 hours gone at a time quite often. I usually store my filled pins and reconstituted GH in like an insulated lunch box type thing with an ice pack.

    Syringes are in a plastic bag separated. I’m gonna find a thermometer and test temp. I can’t imagine it’s below 32-35 degrees. I’ve never had anything freeze on me
  16. janoshik

    janoshik Member

    Glad hearing that!

    Honestly, over a single day it doesn't really matter too much and being the lazy one I'd probably skimp on ice altogether.
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  17. Marcus

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    You mean like over a single day, it doesn’t matter if it’s kept on ice or not? Like could be at room temp for a day when reconstituted?
  18. janoshik

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  19. Marcus

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    I figured this much but never had anyone who knows about degradation properly, actually say it

    I think it was you who told me you had tested some of... buck’s GH I think it was. Unreconstituted but it had been at room temperature for some time, like I wanna say over 6 months and had little to no degradation as well
  20. janoshik

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    I tested Buck's Riptropin that was like 3 or 4 years old - unreconstitued tho. Top notch.

    I've also tested plenty of reconstitued samples day, two days and 7 days apart. (it's reconstitued and the sample is already ready in the machine [if I didn't throw it out yet], so to retest it is like three clicks for me. So it's not too much work / resources for me and I'm a curious person. )

    There is also a HUGE difference between brands.

    For example Rips had barely any degradation after a long time, so did some Pharma HGH, but some generics degrade easily 10 times faster.

    Now, 10 times faster meaning that after a year you have 2% degradation instead of 0.2% for great majority of cases, before anybody gets the wrong idea here.
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