idk how to start, so hello everyone

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  1. stinkerpel

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    Hello guys, stinkerpel here

    First of all, i am very happy that i found this board/ community. I've been a silent reader for a long time until i decided to sign up.

    Some stats:
    Age: 22
    Height: 183cm / around 6 ft
    Weight: 95kg / 209,5 lbs

    Bench Press: 142,5kg / 315 lbs
    Deadlift: 220kg / 485lbs
    Squats: 175kg / 386lbs

    I am neither a bodybuilder nor a powerlifter. Just a regular gym rat who likes lifting weights. Even though i am not very good in it.

    I have no experience with AAS at the moment, but i am planning my first cycle this winter. (250mg e4d test E for 30 weeks)

    (Sorry for my bad english, i am just a random guy from middle-europe)

    looking forward to be a part of the community,
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  2. TRT

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    Welcome aboard!
    30 weeks is kind of a long time. Make sure you have a good AI on ha d prior to starting. You don't know what's gonna happen.
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  3. stinkerpel

    stinkerpel Junior Member

    Thank you!

    I'm going to use Anastrozole after i did some blood work (especially e2)

    I know, it is a long time, so i am probably reducing to 20 weeks. This should be okay i guess. (also depending on blood work)
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  4. Discodon

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    Welcome awesoem info here. 30 weeks for begging cycle is long time bro. Maybe shoot for 12 to start but make sure you read all you can. Have everything ready pct mostly. A lot of first timers under prepared. Study up and ask questions
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  5. stinkerpel

    stinkerpel Junior Member

    Yeah i will start when i have everything together.
    In my case: clomiphene, Anastrozole, tamoxifen and of course the Test E

    I already found some sources in the underground section..
  6. Eman

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    Welcome to Meso.

    Your English is good, what's your first language?
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  7. stinkerpel

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  8. Eman

    Eman Member

    Ich liebe Deutschland! Wo auf Deutschland? Ich weiss Berlin und Hamburg.
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  9. BigNattyDaddy

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    Guten tag! 500mg of testosterone is generally recommended as a first cycle so you can see how your body reacts. Also, another member on here had to go on TRT after a 20 week cycle so maybe think about 10-12 weeks. Good luck.
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  10. TRT

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    What did you say?
    That's cool to come on here and find other German speaking members. What a diverse community.
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  11. BigNattyDaddy

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    He said he loves Germany. Then I think he asked where he's from in Germany. Then said he knows Hamburg and Berlin, which are cities there.
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  12. Eman

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    I wouldn't call myself German speaking lol, I have terrible German. I know enough to be dangerous... I can order food and stuff in Germany, but speak just poorly enough to kind of get a weird look.

    I told him I love Germany and asked him what part he's from, which was probably asking a little too much in hindsight, and told him I know Berlin and Hamburg.

    You would actually be surprised, I meet tons of Germans in my travels in the US. I went out west a few weeks ago and when I was at the grand canyon, I shit you not, I didn't hear one English speaker that entire day. Our hotel was all euro or asians from over the water. Interesting to meet people from other walks of life.
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  13. stinkerpel

    stinkerpel Junior Member

    Unfortunately i can't say where i live exactly ;)
    But great that you speak a little german. :)

    Yeah, seems to be a better option, although it is possible that i have to go on TRT even after 10-12 weeks. You never know.

    I am just a little bit confused because on german boards they recommend lower dosages (250mg e5d) but over a longer period of time (20 weeks +)
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  14. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Morning OP,not agree with your steroid use.

    AAS are for people over 25 Y.O.

    The same about any drug.

    The "age problem" is really a maturity brain issue and gonadal maturity.

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  15. stinkerpel

    stinkerpel Junior Member

    Thanks for your reply

    I thought that I was old enough at age 22. I will think about it again then. Although i really want to start a cycle :D
  16. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Its not funny son.YOU are who must think again.

    The european school roid have serious problems with the "utility of spermatogenesis" WTF.

    This is the reason why kids like you write in forums like this "I dont like hcg while Cant avoid it?

    Jesus Dr Scally suggest 500ui EOD while you are in exogenus testosterone.The same dose are prescripted in a panoramic view from 2017.See my thread about recovery.

    So the real question is why a stupid kid want hurt his no maturity spermatogenesis??Let me guess..

    Cheers bud"
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  17. stinkerpel

    stinkerpel Junior Member

    Yes, i know it is a serious topic. I didn't want to be funny. I'm sorry

    As i said, i will think about it again, reading everything regarding this topic and probably max out my natty gains before starting a cycle.

    It is very hard for me to find the right words sometimes. So i am sorry again

  18. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Stupid kid,write in low caps doesnt make you smarter OR REALLY HUMBLE.

    Try to understand that the steroids users have problems in the future because they think they are so badass or something.

    Your desire to use steroids doesnt mean nothing.

    Think again.