If you care about your privacy, check out this wallet.

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    I see a lot of people who buy coins on an exchange such as coinbase, and send from there directly to a source. This is an AWFUL practice. Stop doing this....

    If you are a user of btc, to make purchases around the internet, and value your privacy, I would recommend using this wallet. Wasabi Wallet - Reclaim your privacy

    This wallet is a privacy focused wallet, with numerous measures taken to avoid leaking data, and other sensitive info about your transactions. It also includes a built in decentralized "mixer" via coinjoin, so you can transfer your coins off coinbase/exchange, then mix them, then spend them. The mixer can NOT steal your coins. It is completely trustless.

    It is fairly new, so new/better features will be added over time, however it functions flawlessly right now.

    It is important as many people as possible use it, as it increases liquidity for mixing, and the anonymity set improves with more liquidity.

    If you like using a mobile wallet for sending, a good workflow might look like.

    1. Buy coins on Coinbase/Exchange of choice.
    2. Send coins to Wasabi Wallet.
    3. Mix coins.
    4. Send coins to mobile wallet. Ideally you will use Samourai Wallet(Android) as it too centered on user privacy. Turn on the "4 extra hops" for even more obfuscation.

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