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    Not much chat about igf-1 LR3 on MESO lately and at all. On other boards it is rather hot topic I wondered what are your all experiences with it. I just ordered a vial and will run once it would arrive and check whether all the hype around it has any worth to it, I had a chance to chat with a bunch of people that didn't push their propaganda and appeared knowledgeable choosing to not just "hint" at me where to buy from but I hold our home board in high regard anyway.

    What I wondered is would blood glucose testing near the shot (1, 2 hour later) be accurate measure of "quality" or at least a proof of existing IGF-1 LR3 in the vial. Would IGF-1 testing in blood work demonstrate increase while already on rhGH? Personally I don't like to go by effects that I feel because I literally felt none with rhGH (numb hands, bloat, being tired or any) on 4 IU initially all the while my blood work and appearance change always proved it working hence why I would rather not brand my IGF-1 LR3 legitimate or not because I am pumped working out or not but rather prove it with blood work in any way available.

    What protocols have you all enjoyed and would recommend?

    Are you aware of the dilemma between whether injecting IGF-1 LR3 post workout will block your MGF or not? What is your opinion if you have heard about it and ideally are you able to provide any data?
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    Sub’d. All I’ve heard on the topic was that real IGF was ridiculously expensive and LR3 wasn’t all that useful. In 4 replies.
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    Yeah also heard that and heard the contrary I think Dr. testosterone (greek dude) recommended igf-1 to be a viable alternative to insulin and cheaper (insulin where I am at is literally cheaper than any of the gear I am on) and made me think he would refer to IGF-1 LR3.

    And check explanation: "As a result, it is approximately three times more potent than IGF-1" IGF-1 LR3 - Wikipedia

    And yeah also I believe the "IGF-1 is too expensive to make" is the next in line after "only pharma juice is legitimate", "only pharma Anavar is real", "only pharma rhGH or we lilhawk you" and all yadda yadda
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    I know for a fact igf 1- lr3 is very underrated and definitely works, but tegular igf /increlex is a waste of time and money..
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    What’s the typical dosage?
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    Works how and what experience do you have?
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    I was going to order some last month then btc droppped so I'll have to wait. I've had really good igf and some that's ok and once very shitty. Before all these healing peptides its was my go to for injuries and had very good results also seen guys heal after doc tried all kinds of stuff. A runner friend of mine fucked up his knee and sure nuff after a few days of igf he completely healed blew his mind
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    Is igf-1 LR3 a fragment or analog?

    I was under the impression that actually IGF-1 was prohibitively expensive. I may be mixed up though, not done much with peptides at this point. Only toe dipping with GH now.
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    You must buy clinical grade Igf1-lr3 to work and then its not that usefull for the cost. Incerelex as i know it works great but too expensive and hard to source.

    IGF peptides:

    This one is a hot topic and it will be very quickly done.

    IGF LR3 and IGF DES

    IGF LR3 is a different form of IGF1. It has some peptide switch in it so it works differently than IGF1. Now im gonna make this one super short.

    IGF1 LR3 is useless for bodybuilding. Point blank and period.

    Why? Because IGF1 will higher IGF1 to a certain degree but has the lowest binding affinity to binding proteins. So what does that mean? IGF LR3 cant be broken down to IGF1 so therefor the boost in IGF1 is actually pretty useless for building muscle. It ups the IGFBP3 but not in a significant way!

    Now the next hope! Mighty IGF1 DES

    IGF1 Des is basically the same shit only that its even more potent than IGF1 LR3 but has atleast some binding affinity. So it works great for boosting IGF1 but doesnt do that much for building muscle. It ups IGFBP3 a bit more than LR3 but still nothing close to IGF1 or direct IGFBP3!

    So now the debate will roar, IGFBP3 will render IGF1 useless yadayada

    Yes it will stop cell proliferation in NON MUSCLE! IGFBP3 is a very special protein. It can inhibit cell growth AND induce it! It is selective! And that is what the people have to understand! A high igf1 level will lead to cell proliferation in every cell! A high IGFBP3 will only lead to cell proliferation in the skeletal muscle! And yes it will create hyperplasia!

    Therefore my recommendation is to skip the whole IGF1 analogues and aim for FDA gh plus insulin or direct IGF1/IGFBP3!

    Dont waste your money on useless peptides. The only thing that these two are are expensive glucose disposal agents. Nothing more!
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    Interesting contradiction between you and another one just above, did you write that yourself or pasted? If you did are you experienced with igf-1 LR3 extensively and knowingly you are injecting legitimate one? If you pasted it any chance you have a link to original one?

    I have read both points of view and while I wouldn't brand one wrong, I am inclined to believe you are undervaluing IGF-1 LR3 because of MANY people who reported back injury healing in muscle or joint and tendon. If it were not building muscle then how would it heal a damaged one?

    What you are explaining is nearly 100% debunked here from what I read: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1132436/pdf/biochemj00112-0125.pdf Check all the experiments where variants have demonstrated 2-3x potency of normal.

    And you know what about improved nitrogen retention which also would yield an increase in hypertrophy? I think we lack analytical data on IGF-1 LR3 and by anecdotal checking I am more inclined to believe it may be beneficial than not.
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    I mean what am I really going to tell you are you going to believe. I've already found out that people who don't believe that igf-1 lr3 works okay thanks. But it doesn't work and there's no changing their mind. One important thing to note is igf-1 lr3 doesn't work for everybody it works for about I believe the statistic and I could be wrong as about 80% of the people some people. I don't know why it just does not bind to receptors there for nothing happens I find the article on that later and post it. Now for me yes it works in a few different ways. Number one is kind of like how insulin works by nutrition shuttling. Fact I believe that's what causes the ridiculous pump it makes the muscles feel like it's going to bust out of either your arms chest or back whatever your training that day. We all know when you get that pump it brings blood to the muscle the nutrients are in the blood so if you can get the blood to the muscle with the proper nutrients in the blood it's going to feed that muscle. Therefore it is it right meaning you're not consuming enough protein, carbs, fat, animosity, and such then yeah probably nothing this going to happen. Personally I've used igf in 45 days and had my arms grow inch and a half and believe me I wasn't small to begin with. Now I know where you're getting your igf from obviously if you're getting it for my peptide company yeah it's probably not going to work at least I've never found one from a peptide company that works. I mean I can explain a lot more if you're really interested and want to learn about it which I'm sure you probably already know? Uou just let me?
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    Jesus fuck.

    Paragraphs and such, Bro. That shit hurt my eyes before I even read it.

    So, you're a peptide reseller?

    IGF1L3R doesn't work, but put an inch and a half on your arms?

    What the fuck is animosity, in this context?

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    I can only guess (and sincerely hope) that this was translated from a different language on the computer.

    I did kinda gather somewhat of a sales pitch though..
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    Lol. Fuck no. I don't resell anything or rep anybody.

    Like I said previously some people have their mindset and there's no changing that and I'm okay with that

    As far as the paragraph goes. Yeah I got a life. I'm getting ready to get my son out of bed and get him to school and get myself to work. So I didn't have the time to sit here for 15 minutes and write paragraph to paragraph. I apologize if I hurt your eyes, but you can always make the font bigger on your computer or phone.

    Sorry bro not trying to be an sick, but I treat others how they treat me....
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    Dude, I'd have just waited to post. That mess read like it was run through four different languages in Google translate. Totally wasn't just the lack of spacing.


    Night and day difference.

    All I'm saying, nobody's waiting on baited breath so much so that you've gotta rush out...that kinda monstrosity. XD
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    I asked because I don’t know. But now this sounds like a snake oil sale. 1.5” on your arms in a fucking month and a half?

    I’m sure you don’t find any fault in my skepticism.
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    I guess not everybody built the same brother no disrespect it is what it is...
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    Now that made me want an opinion here on many boards people make whacky claims like total body recomposition overnight blabla... On the other hand many people without hidden agenda have also pointed out benefit in body appearance in a normal period.

    I am impartial to provide my opinion before I have at least ran once which I will hopefully do next week or around. I will be running rhGH at 6 IU, MK-677 at 30mg then add igf-1 LR3 at 100mcg EOD.

    I always check back when I experiment with anything new and I will let you all know my opinion if hopefully my IGF-1 LR3 is even legitimate which apparently is the hardest part in finding one.

    One inch on your arms is perfectly doable from water retention on MK-677 by the way I imagine it may be achievable with IGF-1 LR3 in a way.
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    Please do let us know, but I feel it’ll be difficult to know what’s doing what if you add all 3 at the same time.