IGF-1LR-3 reconstitution

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by zumper, Apr 16, 2007.

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    zumper Junior Member

    Can anyone tell me if i can reconstitute the igf-1 LR-3 powder with Bactreriostatic Water and if so how many days does it keep in fridge.
    I cannot find Acetic Acid and even the chemicals to fix it according to a thread in this Forum.
    Also do i need another liquid to inject?Total two liquids?One to reconstitute and the other for the injection?
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    reconstituting IGF with BW will degrade the IGF rather quickly. After 3 days you will need to throw it away. If you are buying the IGF in 1mg vials then you need to find some AA, if you are buying them in 100mcg amps then BW is fine because you will use the 100mcg within 2 days.
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    375Ranger Junior Member

    I would use Acetic Acid instead of the Bacteriostatic Water for re-constitution of the igf-1 Lr3. This with significantly increase the shelf-life of the IGF-1 from like 7 days with BW to 1 month with AA. You can get AA @ www.*******************.net.

    Most use the BW to cut the IGF-1 and reduce injection pain, I have used it both with and without and found it was not bad AT ALL with out BW. It stings a tiny bit once the liquid is injected, thats it. Sometimes when using the BW it is harder to get a good measurement of your dose. If you do decide to cut the IGF-1 with BW, I find it easier to draw the BW FIRST, then the reconstituted IGF-1. I ran IGF-1 Lr3 for 5 weeks @ 50mcg immediately post workout 4x a week and really liked the results. Awesome pumps, increased leanness and vascularity. Good luck with your run :D
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    zumper Junior Member

    I live in Greece and source is in Europe and sells only BW.It doesn't help me to buy my 1mg igf-1 from Europe and wait another week plus the delivery cost for the Acetic Acid buying from USA.
    Can i reconstitue it with ordinary vinegar just like this we buy from supermarket to add in green salad?:confused:
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    MaxRep Member

    The funny thing is that yes, you can do that as acetic acid and vinegar are basically the same thing. Go to your local store and buy the regular distilled, white vinegar.

    Best regards,
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    monstro Junior Member

    but there are many kinds of Vinager... wine vinager, alcohol vinager, rice vinager... is there any diference?

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