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  1. MartyRobbins

    MartyRobbins Junior Member

    Ok I recon 1 mg of LR3 powder with 10 ml of Na solution, just wanna make sure Im thinking right......

    On a insulin pin that goes to 100 units, at 50 is that 50mcgs?

    And to get best results do I pin bilaterally right after workout and then again an hour later?
  2. bigguy1

    bigguy1 Junior Member

    10mls is a too much to reconstitute 1mg of igf1lr3
  3. toothache

    toothache Junior Member

    10ml is not too much for reconstituting igf.

    Yes 50 units is 50mcg
  4. Meathead27

    Meathead27 Member

    While its not "technically" too much, it is entirely unneccesary.
  5. tballz

    tballz Junior Member

    I've always used 10ml of water with my 1mg of igf
  6. beast®

    beast® Junior Member

    That makes 10 pins off 1ml/100units/100mcg
    how do you store them? best is to mix with acetic acid.
    I used it 3 times a day 33,33mcg at the time
    Gave me insane pumps.
  7. MartyRobbins

    MartyRobbins Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies, but

    whether its too much or not, is 50 units 50 mcgs? and whats proper protocol? just once into muscle exercised or twice an hour apart?

    I just what the best benifits form it.
  8. beast®

    beast® Junior Member

    Many have good results with 100mcg a day split in 3 injections, but i have used 50mcg igtropin many years ago and that worked the same as 100mcg off many igf that are now on the market.
    I injected 33mcg in the muscle i trained that day directly after work-out the next morning i did it again in that muscle and also in the afternoon in the evening i shot it in the muscle i trained that day.
    Hopefully this info is something for you.