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  1. I've found so much mixed info on peptides online, really looking for experienced users input. Just general dosing info and result expectation, also if it's kosher to stack with Hexarelin and CJC1295 no DAC. I could only see synergy in that but theres always something to learn. Just researching, not planning to use it at all until the time is right and everything understood.
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    Don't bother with peptides period. Waste of money. Unless you're getting Increlex, which is very expensive, and fragile, you are not getting legit IGF of any kind. Only peptide I would use is melanotan 2. Otherwise, save your money and put it towards good GH.
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    Absolutely all "research chemicals grade", "bodybuilding grade" LR3 is bunk

    OTOH pharma Increlex look promising and certainly worth trying.

    please keep us posted if find where/how to buy a single 4 ml vial (for about $4000-$5000)
    without having to vial the whole 10 vials pack for about $40,000
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    There's legit lr3 proven with lab testing
    TP and others have it.
    It's not increlex but it's certainly igf and works everyone used to say there's no such thing as generic hgh as well just people repeating shit they have heard.
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    I stand by what I said. You're not getting legit IGF from any peptide company.
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    So I think.

    It would be interesting to see Increlex vials being reconstituted and sold parted out.

    Increlex can be bought at pharmacies for
    $35k for 400 mg (10 vials x 4ml @ 10mg/ml)
    If it's marked up 100% (some of it goes to pay for vials, labels)

    A 50 mcg dose during 30 days = 1500 mcg = 1.5 mg
    400 mg / 1.5 = 266.67 kits to resell for every 40 mg Increlex
    $40,000 / 266.67 = $150 cost each (minus vials, labels, etc)
    mark up by 100% = $300 retail price = affordable
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    And I will stand by my statement people just repeat shit they have heard like it was gospel.
    There's legit genric IGF just like there's legit genric growth.
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  9. Read elsewhere GH is mostly faked as well, other than pharm grade obtained legitimately obviously. The GH secretagouges are supposed to be cheap to make and a better alternative due to release of ones own GH. IDK though, I'm regurgitating as well. I understand there are tests to see GH levels, aren't there tests to see IGF levels in blood? Seems like a big pain in the ass to go through obtaining, using, and testing though. You know, if it's not paying bills and just vanity based...
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    Yeah there's tons of testing in the testing section here both labs test and bloods but you still have those who believe all the conspiracy theories and repeat it like it's fact.
    But the fact is testing has shown there's legit genric IGF and Growth hormone.
    That doesn't mean all of it's good but there is good sources out there.
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    When IGF Lr3 first came out I got 2mg for like $150ea and it deffinately worked. This was 10-11 years ago I think.

    Two years later I tried it again many times from many different sources. Nada. fucking worthless crap now.

    Tried GHRP, and CJC. Made me eat my entire fridge....other than that no use and a fucking waste of money.

    Ill never waste money of peptides again.

    I am using some MK677 right now. 3 weeks in....same shit, another bullshit product with poor efficacy if anything.

    Stick to the basics. they always work. AAS, GH, Slin
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    Who's the source selling bunk peptides?
  13. gear shef

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    I didn’t say they were bunk. They just didn’t do anything for me other than make me hungry. And I’ve never seen them do anything for anyone else after all the years of them being around. Seems like lots of placebo effect in many bros heads.

    Now if your asking about bunk IGF. Idk. But what all of them are selling is definitely not what we are after. It’s certainly not recombinant IGF.

    However if TOM is still around, I’d trust anything he offers.
  14. gear shef

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    OP...what is it your hoping to obtain from use?
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    I do not think there is a legit way to test how, and if the igf product is working in your system. I think( do not know)that the window is to small.
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    Igf1 from peptides company is just a pricy GDA.

    Use Berberine or melanotan II instead, they are both very effective GDAs.

    If you are looking for raising your igf1 levels, use HGH, save money, stick to pharma grade. Ansomone and Rastan(Somatin) are two cheaper alternative and FDA approved.

    Don't waste money on peptides.
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    There’s plenty of quality generic hgh now ah days. Pharma is slowly becoming obsolete.
  18. I am not planning use, from what I gathered it is a safer alternative to insulin. Was curious to research enough and go from there. Won't be investing or asking anymore questions regarding this.
    Thank you all for the input.
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