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    I plan to start slin and GH so I got my baseline score, my IGF level was 54 (53-330).

    Just barley in normal. I did run GH years ago and my score was higher but not impressive then, so I ceased using it because it didn't really do much for me.

    Ive always had no trouble getting cut but am a hardgainer, I can gain weight fast (bloat, fat) depending on calories, and I can cut up easily, but don't really build quality muscle despite various AAS protocols and solid diet and training (been doing this since 2004).

    Anyway, I am not surprised I have naturally low IGF because I have to fight just to gain any muscle even when on AAS (tren 350, mast 350, test 500 for this test).

    Can I assume if the GH and slin can get my score up a decent amount, I will be impressed with GH/slin this time around? meaning since my IGF is so low I have more potential to see something as opposed to someone that has naturally good IGF?

    Anything other than GH and slin that can increase my IGF since it seems that is a limiting factor? Thanks for any help, I used to post here years ago and lost my PW and signed up again, a wealth of info especially on GH.
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    In your shoes I would start of 3iu and see where I’m at again after 4 weeks and go from there

    what are your plans for the insulin
  3. rfan2020

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    At 36, overall goals are to just be 180-190 ripped (where im at now), not abuse AAS to be healthier and be lean and mean.

    Recomp, add some size and pop to arms and delts my weak points. Planning on using like you said. small dose of gh, 3iu sounds good, and use Novalin R (was way cheaper than humalin) a small dose pre-workout.

    I gain weight and fat easy so I was going to use the carbs currently in my diet to support my insulin. Unsure what dosage yet. No plans to add in any shakes or anything around my workout as I already eat most of my carb intake pre and post workout.
  4. little

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    Ok, make sure you know everything about R, that second peak can sneak up

    start small, make sure you have the food in you before it peaks, not as your feeling yourself go hypo then eat

    Don’t over do the carbs - will 100% get you fat on gh or not.

    Another thing, a big misconception with insulin is that you pick a dose and match it with carbs. That’s a good way to fatten up.

    Imo the correct way is to choose let’s say 50 carbs 50p for each peak, with R obviously we have 2 (about 30min then about 1.5hr)

    can start with 1 unit and go alllllll the way up WITH the same 50c 50p and when you reach a dose you go hypo on with the 50 50 you can then increase the carbs, 25 or so

    Hope that helps and wasn’t stuff you already knew :p
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    Excellent advice rt here!!
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    Thank you, what you described is what I have read and pretty much my plan. I will consume the same calories and carbs as I was before insulin, I will just reallocate them to cover the insulin dosage pre-workout, and of course, start small.

    My worry, if my body is just poor at making IGF, that the insulin/GH will have little affect..I guess there are 2 schools of thought.

    1. I have naturally low IGF so GH/Slin should have a big effect on me
    2. my Body doesn't make IGF well, so I wont notice anything

    Anything we can do in general to increase our IGF? If also read that systematic IGF is bad (organ growth, dimension) and local is what matters. The science is above my understanding lol
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    Any point in just running fast acting Slin, say 2x a day, Morning and afternoon PWO?
    For 2-4 weeks

    Or is the addition of long acting neccessary?

    Just curious, no intention of doing a GH/Slin run.
    I'm not in a place where I need it, I'm still growing well from AAS and can make gains on cruise.

    Slin had ways been an interesting subject for me.
  8. little

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    Of course! I do the same with R, twice a day am then post workout. I just like R because you get 2 meals out of it, seems more bang for your buck to me.
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  9. malfeasance

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    I can't think of any good reason to use insulin to be in the 180s and lean and ripped, unless you are 4'9" tall.

    What growth hormone are you planning on running?
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  10. rfan2020

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    TP blacks. From the research I have done over the past few weeks, the insulin is mainly to counter insulin resistance from gh usage? Some say that shuttling the carbs into the muscles has benefits and anabolic affects. I am not opposed to gaining muscle mass, obviously, im just opposed to "bulking" because I need to gain so much fat/weight to make minimal gains. The low natural IGF could possibly be the reason why I don't grow lean? I figure it wont hurt see if GH/Slin can help me grow lean since AAS alone haven't really worked. It always takes AAS + a large surplus of calories which lead to gains, but, the amount of fat that come with the gains makes it not worth it.
  11. Cashton

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    I do something similar, humalog 1-2x a day. 4 weeks. Gained 11lbs this month.
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  12. Silentlemon1011

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    What percentage of those gains do you think was muscle?
  13. Cashton

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    I’m gonna estimate that I gained 2-3 lbs of fat at the absolute most.. I’m fairly lean.
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  14. Cashton

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    Insulin works well for me though, some people can get comically fat of slin, my body responds well and it is hard to get fat even taking 10units if slin and 100grams of carbs 2x a day along with my regular eating.
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  15. Silentlemon1011

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    That's some solid gains for 4 weeks.
    Mind if I ask, what's your weight?
    Like has, AAS stalled for your growth?

    How many IUs per use?

    Almost answered everything in your last dose
  16. Cashton

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    I actually stopped cycle when I started the slin, went from 500mg test to 200mg /week, and I swear I made better gains this month than I had any month on cycle, even when I ran slin last time I only gained about 6-7 lbs, I think I’ve also dialed in my nutrition and eating a little better.

    I mentioned to a friend that I’ve made better gains this month then I have any month on cycle really and that includes when I was running Deca.. and he said that sometimes your body has just had enough and it’s time to dial it back and your body responds we when you do. Could make sense as I was a little long on that cycle and might have hit a plateau ..

    I was running for the first week, silly doses 10iu for my second breakfast, and 3rd or 4th meal, and 5 for dinner, I was following some pro’s protocol foolishly not thinking about this guy being 150lbs heavier then me.. so I dialed it back to 4iu after breakfast #1 /w a carb\protein shake, and 4iu pre workout /w same shake but more protein.

    I started the month at 180, 20 days in today and I’m 191.x, I’m also running 4iu of hgh daily, and have been for the last 3 1/2 months.

    No I think I still have plenty of room to grow with AAS, however I started my current run at around 150-155lbs, ran my cycle a little long, I think I stalled growth there and have since dialed it down to a cruise dose and doing another month slin run that ends on the 21st or 22nd Ill have to check my calendar but I have a few months still before I feel comfortable running another good cycle of anabolics.
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  17. Cashton

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    I give you more detail and answers, hope I painted a clear picture for you brother.
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  18. Silentlemon1011

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    I have no intention of running Slin
    But it's always been something I NEED to learn more about
    I have a half decent understanding of AAS
    But not slin lol

    At 6'1" 235-240
    I'm still making solid gains from AAS (Usually others would call my cycles small like 200T 400Mast 300 Deca.. or 200t 350 tren... but I dont want to add more gear until I plateau)
    If I reach my goal of a lean 250, I may experiment in the future.

    Definitely helped brothe
    Thanks alot!!!
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  19. Cashton

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    Oh man you must look like a monster! Good stuff brother I’m your height.. my goals right now are just to pack on as much as I can.
  20. Silentlemon1011

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    Not yet bro
    Still pretty fat
    I think around 18%
    I've got a LONG way to go before I hit my goals.
    Then you know how it is, then theres anothe goal until you die lol
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