Illegal drugs as a preworkout

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    ^^ Wrong, nearly nobody here even got what he was asking to begin with (yes I hate to quote due to wall of text what of it?) carry on.
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  2. I can point you to a couple meth-heads who lift all the time high, and they look like shit . Same w/ alcoholic lifters , they never stick to it . Now pot imo is different , I use it occasionally maybe a puff or two when I just dont feel like lifting . But not on serious lifting days, and it doesnt work everytime...
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    Back in the days I was smokin a J before gym until one time I had to lift a lot kg on bench press after one set all the room turn to black and I almost pass out , now I only smoke once every 3 months etc , I also find if you smoke a good bud silver haze , lemon etc it gives you a very good mind muscle connection

  4. The days I toke & lift I wait an hour or more before lifting to avoid the head rushes . After an hour Im ready to kick ass . A strong cup of coffee or a Rockstar and thats my pre-workout ritual .
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    All of the above none of us disagree with. But I do think you are having problems understanding what a microdose is.
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    Why not

    if you don't get energy with the above
    time to see a doctor
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    I have had some success with consistent dosing of various racetams and other nootropics. The effect on WO focus is/was incidental as I use these compounds primarily for memory purposes.

    They (nootropics) also make me such an intolerant prick that I treat them as a greater risk to my lifestyle than AAS.

    I personally wouldn't push my risk envelope farther than that for PWO.
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    ive done some illegal drugs, so ill try to give you my perspective.
    actually, ive done A LOT of drugs. illegal, legal, "legal", and most things in between. I have 20+ years in doing so. I have also been "bodybuilding" for 20+ years and ive never really separated the two.
    ive read all the comments, and ill try to answer your questions from my own perspective and experience. some of these have already been said.

    some questions and/or comments...
    given todays drug market, how sure are you that your LSD is LSD-25.
    what is the dose and how do you know.
    how do plan on measuring out 10 mcg. note the mcg.

    microdosing "mushrooms". no. its unworkable.

    dxm, no real interest.

    I would never consider any of the drugs you've mentioned in this or another thread for a "preworkout". I will admit though, to having done some long slow distance (LSD;)) running on most drugs, if not only the tail end. I don't sit well in one spot.

    I also don't know much about "microdosing", and to be honest, I don't know if I'm that interested. It kind of goes against my "philosophy", of drugs and of life itself. on/off. yin/yang. asleep/awake. bulk/cut o_O. feast/famine... you get the picture. and the beauty of most "psychedelic" drugs is that you don't have to take them like "meds." or you shouldn't. it should be a "mind altering experience". you should should come out of it "better". bigger, faster, stronger.... better.

    ive done a lot of drugs, but I'm not on drugs. I'm off more than on. and hopefully, when you are using drugs, you know why. because drugs are a tool, not a lifestyle.

    my personal suggestion, is the oldest, simplest, and most effective ped. stimulants. my personal go to is... black coffee. if that's not enough you can always add ephedrine. its legal and over the counter. anything more than that and your probably on your own. don't expect much from the "bros" because they cant help you. and they wont. because "drugs" are bad.
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    @Mayne , bravo.
    Thank you, sir.
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    I used to do drugs, I still do, but I used to, too.

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    Pervitrin I think it spelled was the German nazi super drug soldiers marched 55miles and stayed awake for days Hitler ordered mass production of 35millioncapsules to send to his troops they also had a pill a combo with cocaine methamphetamine and opium they were experimenting with many Americans were on amphetamines as well there are historical records of this, when they ran out though they were toast
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    I think the preworkouts you can get now are potent enough borderline amphetamine like the banned ds craze , are dmaa ephedrine adderall and concerta areally drug's they definitely alter your strength and mentality of course they all have side effects
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    Caffeine is enough I use demdrobium 600 by SD pharmaceutical's and stack it with caffeine sometimes I use phenylalanine and tyrosine for more focus
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    Even if u micro dose it?
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    Addictive too pretty soon you be smoking rock between sets lol
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    Really tiny rocks...

    TBH I don't even know if that is the form factor meth comes in.
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    Don't forget postworkout painkillers lol that's the most dangerous I heard I will not touch that shit I take the pain
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    I was in my early twenties and doing a bunch of top shelf coke @ a bar nearby. Well, when the bar closed @ 2am I went to 24-Hour Fitness and had an insane workout. I'm lucky I didn't have a heart attack!
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    Espresso brother.
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    This discussion is a bit more non - emotive now which is good.

    These drugs are of course pretty sinister when seen in the context of addiction etc but really I'm talking about tiny amounts preworkout to give an insane strength increase.

    A few people elsewhere on the Internet have tried it. I'm just surprised no one here has.