I'm Getting OLD.....!

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    As a quick summary and "State of the Nation" address.. I JUST COUGHED AND SOME PISS CAME OUT.. There may have been a bit of semen too. I really dont know cause I'm sick of my wife's delusion to the point that if she don't come around, I WON'T CUM(at least on her). But the long and short is that I got up to piss out a bit-o-beer-squirt, as headed back to the bed, laid down and coughed. It was enough of a "urethral expulsion" to at least know "the barrel got wet"/ IT FUKING SICKENS ME... On a POSITIVE NOTE. I'm going in to Prep for fight mode. There is nothing like a hot batch in wait for a month to drive a man to the gym....:drooling:

    On a side note. As I was exiting the bathroom, my wife politely requested to take my bank card to Academy tomorrow to get one of the girls some new white PE shoes. Our financial demise is SO SICK that currently I cant even fill a Tahoe with gasoline. I'm like one of those FUCKING QUASI-VAGRANTS that you see at the gas station going in to pay the clerk cash to "Put 20 on #2" LOL AND F'N'A.... G' Fuking Damn...!! IT... I immediately REVOLTED with GRAVE AND INTENSE PROTEST as "HELL NO". And she was JUST at the fucking MALL (with all the other FREAKS) with my mom tonight shopping for the girls. I later mitigated the negativity with "why did you not tell my mom they needed THESE SHOES"?? "Can you not return the usual "Half-LOad" of horse shit you know they wont wear for CA$H..?"? The answer was NO. I then went on (on my next mitigatory trip out of the bedroom) to exclaim how SOCIETY IS SO FUCKED UP THESE DAYS....! I took a small point to advise/remind that her dad was gone when she was 4, so may not have witnessed readily. But what the fuck happened to "IF IT AINT BROKE BEYOND FIXEN EVEN WITH SOME KIND OF SUPER RIG- THEN IT GETS FUKING FIXED...!" (Gorilla Glue in mind). But REALLY - WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN PEOPLES HEADS..!!!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!


    The worst part is that she gets this mentality from the whore bitch women that SQUANDER their husband's incomes GIVING USED UNIFORMS to the school to the "Give-away pile", and at a WANNA-BE Private school. The sickest part is that these SICK FUKING CUNTS get off on getting rid of a school uniform because it has a small unoticeable stain on the underside, or it dont iron out just right anymore. And WHY// Because they CAN. And it make their TITS HARD to think THEY GOT IT.. WHEN THEY DON'T/// All along their husbands suffer GRAVELY from NEGLECT because these bitchez are so busy looking over the fence... Fucking assholes are the reason we all need to be incinerated by fire from the sky. When the day came that those crazy fucks could not be READILY put down in THEIR PLACES, and the cops come only to laugh at their stupid asses -- was the day our ROMAN TIMES made the first one look like a fucking Toga Party... Assholes...

    I digress....:eek:;) And my daughter is talking trash in her sleep right now. The kind her mama taught her I have no doubt...

    So there it is. My next post here will be some REFLECTION on the old "brotherly Desriptions/warnings" of age to come- AND HOW THEY CAME TRUE. Then from here forward. I am going to document this shit AS IT OCCURS. So the REAL QUESTION IS - Who will last longer... This website OR ME... LOL:)
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    These may be in your very near future
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    Perhaps I've already had a set on. But she was "Kink-Worthy"...:D;)


  4. Trouble in paradise? ;)
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    NO small digression only meant to prove the effect of age on tolerance, understanding, and capacity for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE...:D And a slight tangent I confess...

    But this one is about the actual physical occurence of aging as it manifests from a 40 year old forward..

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    Your not old.....you were 5 when i started using AAS...
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    You`re not old until you have no choice but to lick the jar instead of cutting the mustrard.
    If you think you are old chances are you are just bored..
    I thought it was dead for a while lately, since neither of its old best friends could get it up. But then I got a new POV in a wet mouth and Voila! I`m cured.
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    Try Kegel exercises, yes kegels it will help tighten up you extremities... Hahaha I hate that wife's evil friends, I always remind my wife that, that it is there life and I'm with you not them so keep the bullshit for when your with them... Lol it doesn't always work women love drama, I'm glade there are soaps, but there are to many and on too much it's causing an influx for the need for drama... Lol it's a double edge sword..
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    Wow - every time i think i am having it bad i am going to come back here and re-read this post.

    Maybe you should dump the Tahoe and grab a Prius.

    Shit does seem to kind of get different once you hit 40 tho...