I'm going to Mexico next month. What should I bring back?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by RingMeister01, Oct 21, 2016.

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    Says who?
    Many large pharmacies sell testosterone, Deca, GH, ancillaries
    Small pharmacies in touristic areas sell few specialized meds because turnover is too slow for them, it has nothing to do with being steroids.
    Look for large pharmacies in large cities.
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    Last t3 I got over in mex was not the cymotel brand is was in a box, I believe it was a generic but worked great. And was around same price if I remember correctly. I'm heading over there in a week or so. I'll look it up and let you know if that helps ya master.on
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    which pharmacy chain did you get the xerendip from?
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    Thank you, please do
    appreciate it
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    Don't no how it still is there but back in 2002-2003 cross the boarder in tiquana and there was like 4-5 pharmacy there all selling gear no prescription they had some more expensive sht from other country there stuff was cheap and you can bargain with them stuff was real potent. T400. Deca300. Dbol an drol.
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    Shits got hard to find lately. When you can find sos it's not in redijects anymore. 1ml vials now and almost 30 bucks. Those are right near the border prices. Prob find cheaper the deeper you go in. As for primo,proviron,winny they are almost impossible to find. Maybe it's the Mexican city I go to but from what they tell me it is everywhere
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    Bro you're better off just sticking to some good domestic sources , it will be a lot cheaper.... people think Mexico has cheap shit it's not true. They take advantage because they know people from Cali are coming to get some gear and btw my cousin and his friend got caught in customs with only a few vials of test. I don't know the exact details if canines sniffed them out or what but I know my cousin isn't stupid and probably hid that shit very well. They got thrown in a holding tank along the border for 12 hours. And they got huge fines and a written warning meaning if they do it again possible jail time.
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    A written warning? Like on paper?! Oh my...
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    That's not the point. The point is they let them go easy and this was 3 years ago. It's considered A class substance once it reaches the border could have been much worse believe me. That's a felony you can compare it to a bag of yayo.. but eh this is just advice. I don't see why anyone would pay 15-20$ per ml of gear anyways + the risk ha.
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    Get us all 2 bottles each of tren
    Bill me
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    Bumping this thread because i´m in Mexico right now.

    Going to try my luck at getting a prescription for HGH. Wish me luck. Got any tips on any nice Drs about in Mexico City or wherever?
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    Not that much cheaper and then you still have to get it back in.
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    Don’t bring any of that garbage back! lol
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    Even if you get a prescription in Mexico it doesn’t hold water in Usa when coming back across border.

    You would be better off just buying off the doc, get a few vials, then declare them when entering the USA. They might let you cross with a few vials if you declare them..

    But not 6 months worth of hgh lol. That won’t fly.
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    Only thing I get in Mexico nowadays are things like ketotifen, accutane, or t4. I remember the good old days (15+yrs ago) going into the vetinary shops for my cheap vet gear. Thank God for technology and internet. You can still find the pharma sus readijects but last I checked they were about $20+ per inject. Testoprim is hella cheap but I wouldn’t inject that shit if it was free!! OUCH!
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    Just reverse the name sequence if the name has two components.

    Add "o", "a" or "os" at the end until it sounds right.

    Pronounce with crisp vowels.


    JK of course, but there's still a lot of truth in the above.