Im on prescribedt trt, can you help me ?

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    Hello im on trt for 4 years now blood looking good, former aas user, however im not always sure my docs and i have the same goal for my treatment, one time or two they have talked about getting me off meds "just for fun", and other times i was told they wont do anything im ucomforable to do, because i adressed my worry, cause in my head i just want to get my medication and focus on life, tho sometimes its up in my head if they would suddenly or i would get told to stop my treatment in the future im 29yr old. its nagging me sometimes, i dont feel quite "safe" but it might just be in my head, or ofc it is as long as im on treatment and they yet have told me. i know you cannot tell me what my docs want,
    but could you give me some ideas, how you could get peace of mind ?
    Can doc just stop my treatment if they want to? i know rules it probly very different, anyone else can relate ?

    Ty have a great summer
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    Your doc can't just stop TRT treatment for no reason. As long your blood work shows your natural test production is lower than the normal range, your doctor will have to keep you on TRT dose of test unless you have complications due to TRT dose of testosterone which is highly unlikely.
  3. If they stop you can always get better shit else where and dose however you see fit.
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    Have you thought about expressing exactly what you just expressed to us. That way you know for certain what to expect. Otherwise, you are going to continue to worry. Or are you asking for us to help think up a manipulative way to assist you in selling your doctor on keeping you on trt??
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    I was training a 48 year old male who had been on TRT for years and his doc wanted him to come off because "he didn't like how his balls looked"

    I told him that he was fucking crazy to just stop using it. Run some hcg and go from there, because if you come off then your nuts will most definitely shrink up more!!!

    All this nonsense abt trying to do TRT and seeing "if test levels will hold" is balogni. These super pct protocols after years on You ain't coming back man, don't stop TRT
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