Importance of morning erections?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Yowzer, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Yowzer Member

    Based on pre-T tests, my T level seemed to be around 400 or so. Probably average libido, but at age 51 I can't remember ever having had morning erections (maybe I've just forgotten after all these years). Either T or hcg alone will produce them. I have had low grade depression most of my adult life. But my question is whether morning erections are considered a gold standard by doctors for whether T levels are too low or is that something people on this board are just more focused on?
    Definitely higher libido and fix for erectile problems on T, but not sure it has done anything for depression-certainly doesn't work for me to give up my minimum dose of Celexa.
    My dilemma is that I hate to be on T long term if I can get by without it (12 mg of viagra solves the erectile problem). I hate to get into a life long program to raise T levels only modestly (maybe to 600) especially since I can see it significantly accelerating hair loss.
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    JanSz Junior Member

    First of all do not concentrate on TotalTestosterone level, that is of secondary importance.
    You want to have FreeT~250 on dr Shippens chart

    With proper FreeT level you have a good chance at getting rid or preventing
    circulatory problems
    bone problems
    excessive weight
    libido/erection problems

    if you do not care about all this, nobody will convince you.
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    Yowzer Member

    I guess I provided too much info. My basic question was whether doctors regard the lack of morning erections as one of the key criteria for assessing hypogonadism, aside from the standard blood tests.
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    Yowzer Member

    I guess I provided too much info confusing the issue. My basic question was whether doctors regard the lack of morning erections as one of the key criteria for assessing hypogonadism, aside from the standard blood tests. Unfortunately, T levels in the middle or top or range haven't alleviated the mild depression.
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    kimura Junior Member

    Unfortunately I can't directly answer your question either but I can tell you this: My T levels are fine (750) and I don't have morning erections. My problem is low thyroid and adrenal fatigue. AF is the cause of no morning erections. I have depression issues too. The best thing for you to do is get a complete hormone panel done- check the stickies.
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    zkt Member

    I`m not a doctor but none of them has ever asked me about morning erections. Dont think its any kind of standard. You really should get some blood tests done on your thyroid, adrenal and pituitary hormone levels.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Most Dr.'s will not ask about morning wood or even ask if you have ED. But if you tell a Dr. you lost morning wood this is a flag going up something is wrong. Same with ED there are all kinds of health problems that can cause this.

    Your problem is Celexa. the will give you a loss of morning wood and ED and can lower your T levels.
    If your levels are 400 this is normal for a man over 84 yrs. old and going around with low t can shorten your life.
    Most men that feel depression that go on TRT don't feel this way anymore I have been on TRT for over 24 yrs and never lost my hair do to it.
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    Yowzer Member

    Actually, the Celexa didn't stop morning wood when I was supplementing with T. The big problem with Celexa is loss of sensation and delayed ejaculation. As common as this is with SSRIs and since it is one of the big reasons for non-compliance you would think a drug company would bother to address this huge market. But then they would like you to believe only a small percentage of people experience this.
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    zkt Member

    PE treatment is one of the uses of Citalopram. The opiates are better in my book, but thts not an approved use. As little as 1mg often takes care of mine. Sometimes more sometimes none at all.
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    jaydee Member

    How did you find out about AF causing lack of morning wood? I havent heard that before. How is your libido Kimura?

    Yowzer, were you on a transdermal testosteron? Like a cream or a gel? If so, switching to shots will could likely stop any hair loss your experiencing. Have you already lost some or are you just worried about it? Steer clear of finasteride IMO.

    Your probably the first person ive seen on this board who has gotten his libido higher, then settled for less again. Your easily pleased...! If not for the sexual improvements, I would get your T sorted because like JansZ said, low T is not good for your overall health and your risk for complications in other areas goes up considerably over time.

    As far as I know, lack of morning erections are related to too much estrogen, though im sure there are other reasons for it and no, I would certainly not base any diagnosis on lack of morning erections. It could mean anything.
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    Yowzer Member

    Kimura, Although T supplementation does give me morning wood, I do have some signs of adrenal fatigue-low cortisol and DHEA levels. I need to pursue this although from the limited amount I have read, it does not seem that mild adrenal fatigue is a widely recognized medical condition. Do most doctors recognize this?

    Jaydee-I have been on T injections since my first two months hwich I think perhaps had a greater effect on my hair. Hard to judge since it is a slow process and I might have been due anyway.
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    zkt Member

    Most docrots dont recognize adrenal fatigue at less than Addisons proportions.
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    love_en Junior Member

    Morning errections are a very good indicator of overall hormonal health. I remember going through my teen years not waking with one, much less having spontaneous when all the other boys had them. You can have this problem even if your blood work comes back "normal" as defined by a doctor. I even asked one of the supposedly top endocrinologists in Hawaii if my lack of erections at any time during most of my life was significant. He proceeded to obfusicate, because saying yes would mean I have been hypogonadal all of my life. Now that I am on at least 100mg. of enanthate per week and 30mg. per day of hydrocortisone + more if needed, I have morning erections. Before going on HC, my virility and libido would be inconsistent even on replacement T. Now I get to make up for what I missed when I was 17. I am not on hcg right now, but because I was born shut down, testicular shrinkage is not a problem for me.

    A doctor who is interested in your hormonal health would be concerned if you had nonexistent morning erections. You are quite right about most doctors not knowing hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency if it is mild and chronic. What is worse, is how many doctors do not know what adrenal crisis looks like. It is not uncommon to die right in front of the doctor because anything adrenal is so rare in the doctor's mind that it is not on the doctor's index of suspicion. I am "not adrenal insufficient" by the definition of that same top endocrinologist. However I had a very lackluster response to an ACTH stim test. Heaven help me should I need to output cortisol in response to injury or illness. Because enough by his standards is not enough to keep me alive, much less healthy.

    Before all of the misleading and subjectively interpreted tests came about, doctors paid good attention to symptoms and if in doubt a therapeutic trial of hormone replacement was not out of the discussion. Now, doctors seem to be all to eager to experiment with tranquilizers and antidepressants. Based on what I have learned in the past year, I do not think you need antidepressants, you might need to have your thyroid checked and treated.

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