In need of a Good Pre Workout

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  1. EatMyWennie

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    Any good Pre Workouts out there.
    Have been using esp extreme but no longer working even with a full scoop. Looking into buying "Bucked Up" or there other product "Woke AF". If anyone has any experience with those please share.

    BIGSWEEZ Member

    Juggernaut nutrition makes apre workout called "irate" that's fucking nuts...I won t take it during the week because I need sleep but on a Saturday I will...after the gym I need go outside and work in the yard for 6 hours.
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  3. EatMyWennie

    EatMyWennie Junior Member

    Haha sounds good. Thanks for the reply gonna pick some up and give it a try. You recommend any flavors?
  4. BigNattyDaddy

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    I've heard 5 percent nutrition has some good ones. Never tried them so can't say anything positive or negative about them.
  5. Brandaddy

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    I take one called broken arrow. It's not much of a hype you up like crazy pre-workout, but it's pretty well rounded. I usually switch pre-workouts every time I run out but I've used this the last three times in a row and still like it
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  6. If the pre-workout you used had caffeine maybe you have built a tolerance to it. You should take 2 weeks completely off from any source of caffeine and then try again.

    As far as pre-workouts go I like to go as simple as possible. I take 300mg of Caffeine paired with Beta-Alanine @3-4g.
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  7. EatMyWennie

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    Yea that probably what I'll do cause even after taking it I'll be tired. So not sure if it's an reversed effect from the caffeine. Cause I notice an energy drink before bed gives me the best night of sleep so gonna hold off for a while.

    BIGSWEEZ Member

    Anything but blue slushy...its super sweet. I like the grape ade
  9. AnTabolic73

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    You know its hardcore if it's not sold in any of the major supplement stores.

    I noticed it has Dmaa. I may give this a try.
  10. AnTabolic73

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    I like the ingredient profile in this one.
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    BIGSWEEZ Member

    It's pretty intense...they sell one called "wild" which is irate mixed with disturbed...disturbed is their NO booster.
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  12. EatMyWennie

    EatMyWennie Junior Member

    Wild looks good just add some dmaa to that and your golden
  13. BigNattyDaddy

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    A friend of mine takes something with around 400mg of caffeine per serving. Can't remember the name but can ask him if you're interested.
  14. tengtren

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    go into your local mom and pop sup store and use there in house formula. those are usual strong than fuck
  15. Js1998

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    Iron addicts, sidewalk Kraka, very very good.
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  18. Xlgx

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    MuscleFeast primitive pump + energy
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  19. i workout at night, after work, so stimulant based pwo's are out of the question.

    As funny as it sounds, a banana and 16 oz of water about 15 minutes before go time has actually made a difference.
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  20. Morefyah

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    ABD25CDB-D4A0-4E05-9ED4-EFBEF223F43D.png I have not found a more complete pre workout then Nutrabio Pre xtreme.
    The watermelon flavor is awesome!!