inaccurate blood work? potg

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    had some blood work eight days after my last shot of tpp. 1766 total and 904 free. I have never had anywhere near such a high free number. estradiol was low 16.2 with just one mg arimi a week. was doing 100 mg tpp 100 npp 100 bold cyp e3d until that last shot eight days before this test. I know winstrol and Anavar shut you down but can they come up as testosterone on a test?
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    Is this your first bloodwork?

    Depending on the PDe7B genotype expressed, levels with ester attached substances may vary more than 2 fold (200%) with the same dose un different subjects, reason why some people get low readings on a BW while others, get way higher reading with same dosages.

    There are others genes that can affect levels too, for example UGT2B17. CYP2D6, CYP3A4... Polymorphisms for orals, etc...
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    no I get bloods several times per year. I wonder if var or winny throws off free test? maybe @Colt44 has some input?
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    There are a few oral AAS that have a strong affinity with SHBG, specially due to their extensive hepatic metabolism.

    Specially stanozolol (1) and mesterolone will show a marked reduction on SHBG, which will increase the FT/TT ratio.

    Anyways, with the high level of androgens used during a steroid cycle, the SHBG will be practically near 0, orals or no (2).

    Im not aware of either stanozolol or oxandrolone being shown throwing off false reading on any hormonal marker.

    If you never checked SHBG, not much you can do, only theorize and rationalize it, so i wouldnt spend much time "worrying" about it.

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    [2] Response of serum testosterone and its precursor steroids, SHBG and CBG to anabolic steroid and testosterone self-administration in man - ScienceDirect
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    No, but Winstrol can lower sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which can then increase free testosterone.

    If I'm not mistaken, Anavar may be able to do this as well due to it being a DHT derivative... But I'm not sure. From what I recall, there's a correlation between DHT derived AAS and SHBG levels (which in turn affect Free T). I haven't read up on it in a while so I'm fuzzy.