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    Suppose you're not 20 any more but would like to raise your own T, for all the obvious reasons but you don't want to go TRT and shut down everything iow you'd like to maintain fertility, etc, pp.

    Would a reasonable dose of T plus hcg work best? I mean I see a lot of 'users' with lots of babies..
    or is it better to try SERMS/AI?

    I'm not sure, but here are some of the things I’m playing with, do they make sense? I’d appreciate the feedback/input.

    Hcg: 100-125 2xday eod
    Proviron 50mg 1xday

    clomid 6.25mg daily for 6-8 weeks
    aromasin 6.25mg eod for 2-4 weeks, 1/4 caber eod for duration.

    Day 1. Clom 12.5
    Day 2. Aroma 12.5
    Day 3. Clom 12.5 Etc, pp.

    Then the next week I exchange aroma for arimi

    In the 3rd week I alternate aroma and arimi.

    I use Day 1. Clom 12.5 Day
    2. 2x 125 hcg
    Day 3. Clom 12.5
    Day 4. 2x 125 hcg
    And probably some ai with it. (with either aroma and/or arimi)

    Day 1 Clom 25?
    Day 2 nolva 12.5-25?
    Day 3 Clom, etc, pp.
    Maybe also add arimi for the next cycle?

    Thanks again!
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    No this is all wrong. What are you trying to do?
    Do you understand what negative feedback is? Doesn't hcg shut you down? What have you been reading? Jesus my eyes!
  3. VVV

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    Heeeheeheee ok thanks.
    I thought that HCG doesn't necessarily shut you down at these low doses, eod 125iu 2x day.
    Then Clom the next day to boost it. I read on fertility clinics doing this type of thing...
    So what is negative feedback, shutdown?
    And how would you do it right?
    I know that (male) fertility clinics use clomid successfully... 25 - 50 a day.
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    I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish.

    If you want to maximize your natural t levels then get off all medications, sleep 8 hours a day, get an hour of exercise, eat a balanced diet and then get labs done to see where you are at.
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    Maybe clomid but what’s the hells the caber for?
  6. VVV

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    For sex drive. It supposedly lowers prolactin which must be a good thing?
    Clomid, perhaps nolva...
  7. VVV

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    That one was decidedly unhelpful.
    Did you read my post?
    Anyways if you have specific, constructive feedback on the protocols pls post.
    Comments on lifestyle are misplaced
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    You asked for the best advice to increase your natural testosterone levels. I gave you the best advice.

    You are postulating that taking these drugs are best for you and want advice on how to accomplish a task these drugs are not meant for.

    Good luck on your journey. Hope you find the answers you want to hear.
  9. Sworder

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    It is the equivalent of having a spoon and then saying you are wanting to get the best advice to build a house. And when somebody tells you that a spoon isn't the right tool for the job you say the comment is misplaced.

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  11. Do you actually have low T? Are you not fertile? Have you had these tested? If you were having fertility issues then clomid or hcg, or hCG + clomid could definitely help. It will boost your natural T while you use them vs trt which is synthetic T. If you’re trying to recover after a cycle then hCG, then either clomid or tamoxifen or both.

    Couple things, there’s absolutely no reason to inject hCG twice a day, in fact you can do hCG twice a week: I like it 3 times a week. Proviron I guess it could help. I would ditch the caber, ytf would you wanna mess with your brain chemistry unnecessarily.

    To answer you’re other question hCG suppresses LH/FSH, but keeps the ballz active. In the HPGA it suppresses the HP but not the G, which is the most delicate and important chain when it comes to sex steroid production and fertility. If the pituitary or hypothalamus has issues you can bypass with gonadotropin therapy but if your ballz are dead then not much you can do. Anyway the suppression isn’t as strong as it is with trt, and you could keep the HP from getting suppressed if you wanted to with clomid.
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    "HPGA" is the term used for the "female HPTA."
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    Don't sworder, he knows everything about it.
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  14. Please educate yourself on the definition of gonand.
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    Have you had your blood results back yet?
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    Also the answer to OP is..... get some fucking test and stop being ridiculous, your at the age were its adequate.
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