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    Anyone know where to find it? Tough to find from what I'm learning...
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    I think once you find it, you'll run when you hear the price.

    I had read a while back that it was one of the few things more expensive than GH. I'm sure that black market pricing is different, although I'm not sure about cheaper, but from a pharmacy it's around 50k for a few vials.

    Not sure how far a few vials gets you or how they're dosed to be honest but, my research ended right about there.
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    JP was saying it's about $2K for 40,000 mcg... If you use 100mcg/day, it's not too crazy.

  4. yes on rats, but there are some muscled rats on professional bodybuilding a lot a of bubble guts freaks

    Stimulation of intestinal growth is associated with increased insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 5 mRNA in the jejunal mucosa of insulin-like growth factor-I-treated parenterally fed rats.


    Enterotrophic effect of insulin-like growth factor-I but not growth hormone and localized expression of insulin-like growth factor-I, insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 and -5mRNAs in jejunum of parenterally fed rats.


    Intestinotrophic effects of exogenous IGF-I are not diminished in IGF binding protein-5 knockout mice.


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    @Wunderpus the risk reward here in your case is not warranted IMO.

    I'm even thinking about SPC risks. Even though more studies need to be conducted.

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    As everyone mentioned: the price will make HGH + insulin a far better combo than Increlex for about the same results if not superior
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    Although I appreciate everyone's concern about price and risk, that's not really part of the equation for me... I'm not looking for financial advice, nor am I seeking health advice in this instance.... Rather, I am curious about Increlex and it's effects on ME....
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    I have access to it lol not sure on pricing but i literally know someone with some sitting in his fridge....
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    Only people you will have feedback from is probably on an AIDS forum with people having muscle-wasting disease.

    The chances you will find an athlete (on forums) that has used it are slim to say the least
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    Many top pros actually use Increlex
    It ain't much more expensive than real big-pharma GH

    You can get 36-40 ml @ 10 mg/ml for $30-40k
    Increlex Prices, Coupons & Patient Assistance Programs -
    INCRELEX Prescription Price Comparison | Compare Drug Prices | ScriptSave WellRx
    Prices and Coupons for Increlex

    That's 400 mg (40ml x 10 mg/ml)
    Supposing a 100 mcg (1/10th of a mg) daily dose ( a high dosage)
    you get 4,000 daily dosages for $40k or less
    that's $10 per day, $300 per month.
    Not that expensive.

    IDK if you can buy just one of those 4ml vials at a time, for $4k or so. Good for 40 days @ 100 mcg/ml, or 80 days @mcg/ml.

    Again, not that expensive
    and certainly worth trying.
  11. Okko

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    Some human research do exist about increlex as it is used to treat rare conditions of igf1 deficiency in children

    What they say is

    Dose are huge start at 80mcg/kg to raise to 240 in 3 weeks then remain at 240
    Divided in am pm due to 5hr half life
    Lead to 500 600 igf1 serum levels peak
    Igf1 serum level tend to decrease after 4th week peak
    Limiting factor is igfbp3 and the other binding molecule with which igf1 constitutes stable ternary assemblage in serum (these igfbp3 and other binding molecule are under gh regulation which the subjects treated are also lacking of)
    Long term use did have some bad side effects main one was hypoglycemia (but subjects have no gh... And some physical modifications that some time required corrective surgery

    So probably dose should be very high 2x a day every day
    Together with high gh this may lead to very high igf1 serum readings but there are no data on this synergy to my knowledge
    There are strong saturation issue so non linear response to dose level and overtime on same dose and the subjects treated are very specific so it is tough to extrapolate what dose and results to expect

    Doses are in good agreement with reported use by McCarver at 15mg a day
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    There's a source that make's their own version with great logs.
    I bought some for a friend and will report what happens. Some guys body scans were pretty amazing on it. 500mcg to 800mcg a day. Comes in 30mg vial.
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    15mg a day? Lol no.
    Even Kuwait kiddo's aren't doing that. More like 2mg a day.
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    This log (think 4 weeks)
    still only using 200 mgs of cyp a wk, 3 - 4 ius GH a night before bed, and igf-1 4x a day @ 150mcg each inject.

    Please delete if I can't post this

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    That's fucked tbh, costs a log of money and seems to nothing for muscle gain/fat loss.

    I followed the Mecasermin logs on Pm too and must say it was interested, but I'm not sure if it is worth its money
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    Hey sorry to bust your bubble but increlex is just plain igf-1 so 100mcg is literally nothing. Normal dosage for bb purpose is gonna be 1.5 to 4 mg a day. So 1500 to 4000 mcg. Thats why they come in 40mg vials. Def not worth it. You want to find LR3 thats recombient human form. You dont want synthesized either from my research. Supposedly that has no effects in the human body. There are a few brands that look very promising from my research. Im still trying to find more information and studies on all igf-1 though. But i will promise u your dose of increlex will have to be in the MGs amount
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    Lr3 is useless. It’s a completely different peptide. Real HGH is now cheaper than ever before. I don’t know why people are bothering with other peptides that aren’t effective.
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    Totally agree. Those IGF threads are funny.

    99.99% of the bodybuilding population can get away with HGH and 3 different AAS tops before reaching a plateau, and even then one must ask if such high plateau is desirable to break
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    In Greece pharmacies ve it 642 euro 40mg
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