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  1. Wunderpus

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    Anyone know where to find it? Tough to find from what I'm learning...
  2. Eman

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    I think once you find it, you'll run when you hear the price.

    I had read a while back that it was one of the few things more expensive than GH. I'm sure that black market pricing is different, although I'm not sure about cheaper, but from a pharmacy it's around 50k for a few vials.

    Not sure how far a few vials gets you or how they're dosed to be honest but, my research ended right about there.
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  3. Wunderpus

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    JP was saying it's about $2K for 40,000 mcg... If you use 100mcg/day, it's not too crazy.

  4. yes on rats, but there are some muscled rats on professional bodybuilding a lot a of bubble guts freaks

    Stimulation of intestinal growth is associated with increased insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 5 mRNA in the jejunal mucosa of insulin-like growth factor-I-treated parenterally fed rats.


    Enterotrophic effect of insulin-like growth factor-I but not growth hormone and localized expression of insulin-like growth factor-I, insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 and -5mRNAs in jejunum of parenterally fed rats.


    Intestinotrophic effects of exogenous IGF-I are not diminished in IGF binding protein-5 knockout mice.


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    @Wunderpus the risk reward here in your case is not warranted IMO.

    I'm even thinking about SPC risks. Even though more studies need to be conducted.

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    As everyone mentioned: the price will make HGH + insulin a far better combo than Increlex for about the same results if not superior
  7. Wunderpus

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    Although I appreciate everyone's concern about price and risk, that's not really part of the equation for me... I'm not looking for financial advice, nor am I seeking health advice in this instance.... Rather, I am curious about Increlex and it's effects on ME....
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    I have access to it lol not sure on pricing but i literally know someone with some sitting in his fridge....
  9. Goingstronger

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    Only people you will have feedback from is probably on an AIDS forum with people having muscle-wasting disease.

    The chances you will find an athlete (on forums) that has used it are slim to say the least
  10. master.on

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    Many top pros actually use Increlex
    It ain't much more expensive than real big-pharma GH

    You can get 36-40 ml @ 10 mg/ml for $30-40k
    Increlex Prices, Coupons & Patient Assistance Programs -
    INCRELEX Prescription Price Comparison | Compare Drug Prices | ScriptSave WellRx
    Prices and Coupons for Increlex

    That's 400 mg (40ml x 10 mg/ml)
    Supposing a 100 mcg (1/10th of a mg) daily dose ( a high dosage)
    you get 4,000 daily dosages for $40k or less
    that's $10 per day, $300 per month.
    Not that expensive.

    IDK if you can buy just one of those 4ml vials at a time, for $4k or so. Good for 40 days @ 100 mcg/ml, or 80 days @mcg/ml.

    Again, not that expensive
    and certainly worth trying.