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    Healthy for 34 year old. No blood pressure issues, no prostate issues. Blood levels indicate no problems. Cycled t, dblol and primobolan for years. T helped erections at first then back to normal. No anti depressants. viagra can work but I will lose erecrion if I get it during sex. Other times I take it nothing happens. Used MT2 for a year but it only works at first and then I have to stop. Also, you have to plan sex 6 hours beforehand. No doctor understands what’s wrong. Everyone just shrugs their shoulders. I’m really fit, plenty of girls show interest, but there’s no point. The last 6 different sexual encounters ended in my dick not being hard enough to get in. What the fuck do I do??!?!
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    From your previous post you said trazodone gave you morning wood. So it could be all in your head. If not I would suggest you get your prolactin and a E2 sensitive checked. Then after that jump back on 150-200mg Test and run low dose proviron or Anadrol. Then get some good porn going or a female that your comfortable with and already understands the situation and go from there.
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    Thank you. I asked for prolactin tested. I previously had my t and estrogen levels checked. What else should I ask for? I am having to figure this all out on My own because doctors only written viagra scripts
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    By the way, I was off t for 3 months. Helped at first and then got worse until I felt sexually dead... like I was way before t. I am back on 200 mg of t a week hopefully having some response.
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    ITs been impossible to fill it w any pharmacies I’ve gone to. They ask a lot of questions and then never fill it. It’s been incredibly annoying.
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    Go the online route.
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    Yeah, I can’t believe I don’t know an online that does MUSE or caverject. Can I run a low dose proviron for awhile? I had actual spontenous semis on that and only needed a few viagra to have
    Decent sex.

    I am Just going back on t after being completely off for three
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    What form of testing has been conducted?

    A PRL will be WNL and that’s why your doc haven’t checked it.

    Sorry based on your posts I believe it’s best to stop searching for an organic cause of “ED” when a psychosocial etiology is staring you in the face.

    And I also suspect your physicians have made comments to that effect.
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    Trimix is approved by the FDA but in very specific dosage forms and in single
    dose vials.

    It MUST be concocted by a certified PARENTERAL compounding pharmacy
    as proscribed by the FDA.

    And bc of the liability few if any Pharmacies are willing to fill an RX unless it’s prescribed by a Urologist in protocol fashion.

    And bc of the risk of infection, penile fibrosis and priapism its use is often restricted to infertility patients by Urologists.

    I imagine few Urologists would believe either Trimix or Caverject are an appropriate means of treating “recreational” ED
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    Sounds like you should see an endocrinologist for a full blood workup, not to mention, did you do a full pct when you went off the test. I'd pretty much drop the test, do a full pct with hcg included, and see what happens. Sounds like all the gear you've been running has thrown your system off
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    recreational ED? God, you're that cringy know-it-all who doesn't. I've had ED since I was a teenager. It came and went but it got worse in my late 20's, way before I touched T. I reached for t out of desperation and last resort.
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    Guess if there is recreations sex, why not recreation ED?

    Unless you have very good insurance, Caverject and MUSE are prohibitively expensive. Look for alprostadil (generic Caverject) online. BTW, you have to fail alprostadil before they will even consider an implant. Trimix compounds are much more prone to causing scare tissue and alprostadil alone.

    BP meds are notorious for ED. Same with depression meds. You mention a fall and they X rayed you back - looking at the fine nerves in your lower back with an X ray is like reading tea leaves and use a dowsing stick. Get a MRI of lumbar and sacrial area. However, since you have had good erections at times, it is unlikely to be your peripheral nerves.

    Do yourself a favor and see a psychologist. This isn't a put down. You seek advice at this weird place. Why not professional advice from experts in sexual dysfunction, depression and anxiety? Here is what you can expect:
    1. You might get lucky and find and resolve a psychological cause.
    2. Anxiety and depression aggravate ED and ED aggravates anxiety and depression. ED is never one thing.
    3. Statistically, 10 sessions with a counselor is more affective than any SSRI.
    4. If after weeding out 'issues' and you still have a problem, they will declare that you have a medical problem, not psychogenic. Then you have that in writing and push it in front of your doctor's nose. Then they will work harder for you.
    Its win-win across the board. They are less likely to give you help or an implant without doing so.

    Do you have ADD, Parkinson's, or other 'dopamine' disorders in your family history?

    You mention viagra doesn't work. That indicates problem from the brain (emotional or neurological). Viagra doesn't cause erection, it facilitates it. Alprostadil can cause erection even if you don't care (according to my doc). The Liquid cialis from Columbia working ... sounds like something else was in it.

    Since you hadworking erections while blasting, it sounds either hormonal or emotional as main issues.

    Have your Urologist do cavernosogram to check for venous leaks. They often are found in young people. Whereas, vascular 'clogging' is what is often found in older people.
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    Thank you for your fantastic answer. I don't take your recommendation for a psych remotely in a bad way. It's likely 50% of the problem if not more. If I am feeling really good and I take 80 mg of Viagra, I can have decent sex one round, no problem. The erection may not be 100%, but both my partner and I are pleasured and that's what's important.

    The issue is I don't feel 100% great all the time. How can anyone? But most men can function for sex even if they feel a little stressed or down. Last night, with a bit of Melonotan 2 (taken 3.5 hours beforehand) and 80 mg of Viagra, I was able to have a successful sexual venture with my girlfriend. I even woke up later with an erection and considered tugging it out but standing up did the trick. So this is a real positive sign. It is not incurable or even untreatable, it just feels that way at times, especially off cycle.

    I genuinely appreciate your analysis. The docs have looked at me, probably thought "lots of steroids" and just written for Viagra without any other follow-up. The thing is I don't heavy cycles, and what I do run is proviron, primo or Anavar (I'm careful) which generally help libido. The proviron made me extremely horny for about a month. I would never get a full hard-on while on it without taking a Viagra or something else, but I got as close as I've come in years. I want to reiterate I thought I had a hormonal problem connected to a depression issue FOR YEARS with doctors in my late 20s. T level was low when checked (300 range) but nothing was done. Taking T turned me into the person I wanted to be: I could focus, get things done, organize, and go after goals. The strength and muscles that came were just a bonus- even thought I was always lifting in the gym to make myself feel better. I am not going to become a pro bodybuilder so that's never been my priority.

    Yes, this sounds a little out there but I'm genuine about it and I really try to analyze the situation as rationally as possible. I just want to function optimally, but if that can't happen, as least function as a man. I am concerned I'll be sterile for kids down the road but I understand with hcg and other therapies, there is hope for this as well. Thank you again.
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    Can you run a low doseage proviron and t cycle for awhile? I know obviously 150 t for trt basically, but proviron I assumed you had to go off...
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    I don't thing either of those will help at this point. Really needs to follow @Old advice
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    This is a profoundly helpful answer. The venous leaks is something I read about but never considered. The last 72 hours were this: Friday night, took some M2, 80 MG of viagra. Fully functioning woody for 20 minutes (god send to my girlfriend and I).
    Saturday, alone, managed to get a 75% erection just by lying in bed without visual stimulation. My brain was basically aroused, so it was actually possible without any drugs. This never happens with a woman, even when I lived in Colombia.
    Sunday, Took same amount of M2 as Friday, 80 mg of Viagra, had beginning of erection with girlfriend present but then went soft. Came back slightly but went away when girlfriend became depressed and thought it was her fault. I took a MUSE suppository in the bathroom and basically nothing happened for 30 minutes. After that, got a pretty decent erection from no stimulation but girlfriend was falling asleep.

    Took my 50 mg of trazadone and was awoken a few times in the night with an unwanted erection. You asked about any dopamine disorders in the family. I have had depressive episodes since young. Definitely a genetic tendency in the family. But I am not depressed otherwise. Taking T actually helped my brain learn how to not be depressed, even when I'm not taking it (like the last 3 months). So it's hard to blame depression when the only thing causing depression is this serious problem. Again- Thank you for your answers. THEY ARE A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER THAN ANY MD IVE SEEN SO FAR. I am paying for doc to work on my hormones that it outside of my insurance plan in late January. The problem has gotten gradually worse through age, to the point where I'm 34 and might as well be 104.

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    My doctor said a lot of it is mental , if you keep thinking it won't work that doesn't help, I trip over that once I'm completely open and comfortable with my latest girlfriend they usually are supportive and after a few nights I get in the groove
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    I took a good dose of MT2 and 100 mg of viagra last night. Got an erection 3 times but lost it by the time I went to put it in her. She was a good sport. The 4 Try was actually successful but the damn buildup that went on for 45 minutes before was too much and I came within 2 minutes. I got her off with my fingers and mouth beforehand and she kept saying " no no its fine, I don't need dick". But immediately afrer we finished up the fastest sex in the world, she had the biggest smile on her face. My performance was awful, but just showed me how much she needed intercourse even for a minute to feel better.

    I feel pretty bad about everything, but the mental thing may play a huge part. I noticed when I lost it the first time, she was encouraging and just cuddled me and said not to worry so much. It gradually started to come back as I cuddled and just tried to relax.

    I'm calling my urologist today to get x-rays. If this is mental, its one hell of a mental block.
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    Also- she was quick to point out this didn't happen when we got back together. Actually, I had an accidental erection when I hugged her for the first time after not seeing her In awhile while we were not dating. And sex for the first few weeks, with a boner lost occasionally maybe once, was pretty solid. Its only after 2-3 months where I lost the boner and then just lost all drive. She looks the same, its not that

    I lived in Colombia a few years ago and just ran through various 9-10's on the reg. Any youngish Western man whose in decent shape can do it as long as you're not an ass and have a steady income. This stuff again, never happened on the first go round. It actually would need to be a few months into seeing her for it to appear. Perhaps a mental issue there.

    I always get morning erections taking trazadone, in fact the one this am was so bothersome it woke me up too much. Trazadone gives me erections when I don't want them but never when I do. I went off trazadone for a few weeks and just stopped having erections period, or wasn't woken by them and had weak morning erections.