Infertility due to TRT.. HCG viable long term standalone option?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by DanP CA, Apr 13, 2012.

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    DanP CA

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    I am an otherwise healthy 30 year old male. No medications. LH level- 2.7; FSH level- 2.4; TT- 350. My symptoms are the standard, and I will save space and not list. All signs point to secondary Hypopit. My first main question is, is there another avenue besides life long T injections? Is hcg injections a viable standalone lifelong option like T injections?

    My wife and I plan on having children 3-4 years down the line. Will 3-4 years of TRT cause more chance of permanent infertility as say someone who is only on TRT for one year? Is there a stronger infertility correlation vs length of use? I know HCG/TRT combo can help save sperm function. Which flows back to my firsts question, is HCG viable long term standalone option? Can anyone suggest other medications/avenues if not? I am basically trying to find a happy medium of not permanently ruining fertility yet increasing my T. I have read such horror stories about men on TRT for >4 years and their fertility re-balancing issues.

    Thanks all!
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    railrider Junior Member

    Worked great for about 2mo for me then massive E2 problems even with the AI. So my answer is don't waste your time. If you've done any roids or prohormones (some of that OTC shit is really hard on the body) in the past I'd try to boost your system. TRT has been a nightmare for me.

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