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    Just an information:
    I read on many articles on line (Bill Roberts too on this site) that to avoid liver injury is better use alkylated sterois for no more then 6 maximum 8 weeks, and no more then 2 times each year.
    Is this valid also for woman using a really low dose (for exemple 10 mg win)? Or maybe this low dose could be used for longer time?
    My wife used for 3 years 10 mg win (sometimes up to 15 or 20 mg day) making 3 cycles each year. She never had any sides about virilization (never also when used 25 mg proviron with win) just moderate clit enlargment that disappear 2 weeks after cessation cycle.
    Her blood test never showed significant increase of alt ast Birilubine values and lipid profile.
    But we would like to be sure avoid hepatic injury in the long term.

    Thank you.
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    You are right! Women can take orals more often because they use a lower dose. Get labs done a couple times a year and if ALT/AST is elevated, rest.
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    Interesting. I wonder if my gf would be interested in this.