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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pharmacist, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. pharmacist

    pharmacist Member

    Is there a thread where we can post them ?
    I already have a few.
  2. sluggy

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    What's an info collector?
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    BIGMESC Member

    People that make an order just to get payment info but never actually buy.
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  4. pharmacist

    pharmacist Member


    If I would get scammed for 100-200-500 $ I wouldnt be as mad as dealing with an info collector.
  5. Nitrust

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    What is the purpose of this? Why the hell would they need info if they don't plan on purchasing anything?
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  6. sluggy

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    Sorry for the newb questions but how does that benefit anyone? Getting the payment info? Does that mean they're LE?
  7. popcorn

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    I think that's entrapment. LE cannot do that if Im not mistaken
  8. flenser

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    Seems like here is as good a place as any.
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  9. I am also interested in knowing this as well....
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  10. pharmacist

    pharmacist Member

    It doesnt mean its LE. I dont care for a reason ... I just hate these mofo's as it takes time and money to change the info every time an idiot pop's up.
  11. pharmacist

    pharmacist Member

    I guess there are some guys that are just so ready to do it then stop. Afraid to go for it maybe. Thats the happy case. There are cases when you just find an idiot that really want the info. He is curious about the country or the city ... who knows. Mostly these are cowards in my opinion, I am sure other vendors agree.
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  12. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    Sorry but that's your issue as a source. You should be more selective in who you deal with. If you want to just allow anyone to order then you accept the consequences that come with that decision.
  13. Ahh I I guess its more of a security issue then since it might reveal sensitive location information from the source.. Gotcha, thanks for clearing it up.
  14. pharmacist

    pharmacist Member

    Absolutely ! Its my issue and I will deal with it. By posting the email addresses.
  15. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    Seems futile to even bother but to each their own.
  16. bickel29

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    Pharmacist, slow down brother. This is a serious action to take if you are not sure that it is the right thing to do. Once it's out there, it's out there bro. It's like a 19 year old girl that thinks it might be a good idea to do a porn shoot, you know, just for extra money... and then realizes that her acting debut is out there for the world to see - gulp - forever.

    Have you received advice/input on this from other sources in the same situation? Also, is it possible that this step is unfair to even SOME of the people it might affect? And from your own standpoint, could this possibly have a negative affect on your business?

    Even at Stretch's peak popularity, he lost some customers FOREVER because he chose to reveal some personal identity info on a customer he got pissed at. If you post this info on someone, and that person can make a case that you wrongly exposed them, IT WILL have serious consequences for your business.

    Think it through and get the advice of other sources who have been through it already.
  17. SeaVee

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    That's not entrapment. That's police work. Entrapment is when the cops cause someone to commit a crime they normally wouldn't do. Hard to prove and doesn't apply to someone who sells illegal substances.

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  18. lightspan

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    @pharmacist , while I understand your irritation, I strongly suggest you do not post email addresses. What will it accomplish? The offending party will simply change email addresses, while you will be labeled as a source who, when pressed, will reveal personal information. Shrug it off, and make changes if needed to avoid undue risk.
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  19. MassTurk

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    Posting personal info is a serious business and may cause you to get banned . Whatever your reasons are posting personal info is unexeptible. Especially if you don't know for sure they are info collectors
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  20. ChaseQ

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    Im confused how it makes any work for the source. Unless Im mistaken the source doesnt have to submit any information to WU prior to receiving funds. (Or an I wrong?)

    The source gives the buyer a name and state. If the buyer doesnt pay then nothing happens.

    Sure you had to send an email to the buyer but it doesnt sound like it worth getting upset about, its just an email. Or am I missing soemthing?