Info on starting my first cycle.

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    I feel like I'm at a stand still. I do cardio, but I'm also maxing my self out with weight. I feel like t rex lol little ass arms.and chest. I figured test or something would help me recover faster and help me gain mass in my arms and chest shoulder exc. I was always told fat turns I to mussel. But I keep losing and not gaining anything. Beside so.e strength. But this is why I'm here to learn. Because what I. Doing ant working.
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    So the whole high body fat = higher estrogen conversion isn’t true? Just broscience. If that’s the case then I’ll stfu about it but that’s what I always heard/read and that’s what I experienced firsthand.

    You don’t have to be friendly about it. If I parroted something stupid I deserve the ridicule!
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    I'm sure I got some fat but I wasnt flexing them either. I am taking In What u are saying so do t take my replys as an argument more of me trying to understand and give all the info for everone to see my situation so I can get the best opinion from everyone.
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    I mean no disrespect at all when I say you have some room to drop more bodyfat before you go into cycling. Test is going to bloat you and make you feel extremely uncomfortable if you go into a cycle at your current bodyfat.

    I bulked up to 290lbs at one point and I can tell you I've never felt worse. I couldn't even lay in bed without feeling like shit. Take it from the voice of experience, drop as much bodyfat as possible before you work the AAS in.

    As far as not being able to gain size in arms and chest... Keep working at it, drugs shouldn't be a crutch for that. You're certainly not at your genetic limit, you may have insulin sensitivity issues that are limiting you but you CAN grow more without drugs, I promise... Most guys just don't realize how off they were with diet and training until a few cycles have gone by and things come together.
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    I tried searching for the "high body fat = higher e2 conversion" but can't find anything. Usually if you can't find anything to support it isn't true.

    "If constancy of tissue aromatization throughout the body is assumed, the muscle accounts for 25-30% and adipose tissue for 10-15% of the total extragonadal aromatization of androgens to estrogens."
    Aromatization of Androgens by Muscle and Adipose Tissue in Vivo *

    If you would consider this statement to be true which I believe then more muscle would = higher e2 conversion. However the amount of aromatase enzymes doesn't really change I think, they don't upregulate or anything. Dr Scally might know exactly how it works.
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    Omw to work I will catch up later thanks for everyone opinion and help
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    Hey Bro,
    Not be be a dick...but...
    You have a lot of fat on your body, Arms have a layer, lovehandles, back etc.

    Your first priority should be nutrition.
    You would be surprised at how quickly you can drop those pounds my friend.

    Here is my advice.
    Take that money you were going to put into ..

    And put it into hiring the services of a coach.
    Someone who will set up a nutrition and exercise plan for you.
    You can workout and do all the cardio in the world, but if your calories are not on point, you will never drop that fat.

    If you are DEAD SET on taking a PED.
    Do some reasearch into HGH. (or HGH frag)
    (by research, I mean figure out what it does to your blood sugar etc... make sure it is right for you.)

    I suffer from Hypothyroidism, hell, you might as we.. hit up the docs and ask.

    Before my diagnosis... I struggled to lose the pounds
    I was putting on fat at 2100 Calories weighing 235ish lbs.
    I understand how hard it can be to work like a mad man and not see results.

    But steroids just dont seem like the thing you need.

    Start there.
    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
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  8. Eman

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    Fat doesn't turn to muscle... However, that would be awesome if it did.

    My suggestion is to start a training log on meso and post your stats and your training/diet regimen. You will get some helpful feedback and you can hold yourself accountable.

    In addition, a good trainer/coach would be able to help you a great deal. You can find one locally or utilize one here on meso.
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  9. rubisean

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    and stay away from ogh's foodie thread
  10. Currently not on my computer but I had some info on that. More or less had to do with more prone to e2 side effects regarding gyno. Same fashion of basically having more fat on the chest/nipple area could POTENTIALLY lead to higher aromazation in the nipples leading to gyno much easier compared to someone with less adipose tissue.

    Again this was just a topic that was lightly touched upon I saw somewhere.

    Personally I think the higher you go the more issues you’ll have regardless of what it is. Moderation my friend.
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    Super funny :D love that thread :p
    I would definitely focusing on the diet ( how to make proper food plan ) .
    Find a couch who can help you and drive you to your goal .
    You did a great progress but I thing never
    forget : this is not sprint race it's a marathon!
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  12. Sworder

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    Well typically a (natty)person that is obese will have higher estrogen levels than somebody who isn't obese.

    I think that somebody then extrapolated that information poorly and then thought that since obese NATTY men have higher e2 than normal men that Obese Anatty, Un-natty, erm, cough, Obese men that cycle will then also get more e2. However that's not the case. In natty men, estrogen will suppress testosterone.

    Feel free to post any information you have and we can discuss it if you want.
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    I think at this point I can only hope OP takes all the constructive advice in here. Definitely NOT a good starting point for AAS usage.

    That being said, a good blood panel might show severely low natural test levels which might warrant a TRT dose to aid in muscle gain and fat loss as well as increased motivation and well being.

    Above all else, I don't know the coaches in this forum specifically as I'm ona quite a few forums BUT...hopefully some veteran members can chime in with some good coaches to refer the OP to, it looks and sounds like he's in desperate need for some nutritional education and coaching.

    Good luck OP, don't stop educating yourself on this stuff. Not a day goes by where I don't learn something new about AAS.
  14. Fatherof5boys

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    I appreciate that. And I am definitely picking everyones brain. I would never just go with the first salutation. And always take in all the advice, and hopefully pick the right choices. I'm getting info on coaching online and in person to see what fits me best. I have blood work done a few weeks ago I'm having emailed to me. Then maybe I can get someone to look at it tell me what it means lol. I do appreciate everyones help. A d not just letting me jump the gun and fuck myself in the long run.
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    Update .
    I got a coach, holding off on any aas . Has me on a good diet and good work out plan.
    Turns out I was over working my self, for little profit. I'm now doing g a lot less and feeling alot better. Stress is starting to go down. And health is just all around starting to feel better. Still in the begaining stages , cant weight to see what a few months will do. Thanks yall.
  16. Iron Frenchie

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    You ever get your bloodwork?
  17. Spokeonawheel

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    I think this is a good choice and will benefit you more at this point. You made an informed and responsible decision. Well done.
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  18. Fatherof5boys

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    Thank you man. And I did have blood work done but it was to an health issue I had going on so it did t show my test lvls. I did give them to my coach though.
  19. rubisean

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    Good choice dude
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  20. Iron Frenchie

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    If I were you I would get some bloodwork. I suggest this panel:
    Private MD - Buy Lab Tests Online

    It’s in my opinion its the best bang for your buck hormone panel. It’s called the hormone panel for males. You can get a lot of answers from it. Look for the 10-15% coupons codes there out there.
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