INJ. Winstrol(fuck it!)

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Iron Jay, Apr 16, 2004.

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    Iron Jay

    Iron Jay Junior Member

    GOt dam, it is 4am right now and I woke up in so much pain from 2 cc QV stan in my ass...This shit is killing me! How do you guys use winstrol inj. that isn't oil based? Give me ip tabs anyday! OUCH....
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    01dragonslayer Junior Member

    Just mix it with a little grapefruit juice and drink it....same results.
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    tonyton Junior Member

    yeah it hurts ....I know u just gotta grin a bare some point it wont hurt nearly as much...
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    gman67 Junior Member

    I had the same problem,,hurt like hell and made my ass swell up like a softball anywhere I injected it,,the upside is it worked great and made me strong as a mofo,,something I wasn't expecting.
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    zambon Junior Member

    You wont have that problem with zambons.

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    Iron Jay

    Iron Jay Junior Member

    AH, I just woke up and I took 3 advil last night and I put a heating pad on it...I feel much better today..I just don't know if I can handle another poke....I have tried some painful stuff(Loeffler Prop, Ip prop/susp) and this ranks up there with the worst on them...
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    snake Junior Member

    I agree totally...

    it's not worth it...winny is oral only for me from now on
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    crowman169 Junior Member

    definitley try drinking it, its much easier
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    jaysmithinwesson Junior Member

    no pain at all.
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    jagers Junior Member

    i usally have a problemwith zambons also, next time inject the muscle group you are going to workout before you workout, it helps alot, and dont hit the same site with winny it can crystal up and form a hardening and youll have too get it cut out,
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    seand95 Junior Member

    too bad zambons are twice as much in price... at least from what ive seen. and yeah. IP winny tabs are a good sub for inj. only thing is, why do a lot of guys take 100mg oral instead of just 50?
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    jagers Junior Member

    what do you mean 100mg oral why? sometimes the price is just better for the higher mg pills and injects, some dont want to bother with having t take 2 pills i guess either. yeah too bad zambons arent cheaper its one of my favorite's , ecspeciallyagainst all the other winstrols, have you tried site injecting it ? hit it in your rear tris and pump your tris youll love it winstrols too good of a drug too waste in your ass
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    seand95 Junior Member

    yeah, last time i used it for a month, my delts looked sick with only using 1cc eod in each lateral delt.
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    Biggriz Junior Member

    Currently using PL's water-based winny...painless! Alternating shoulders, doing ED shots...shit kicks ass!
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    grisb81 Junior Member

    man I just took a shot of QV Deca 300 and it feels like somebody fucking shot me in my left ass cheek with a 12-gauge.
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    spound Junior Member

    I felt the same way w/ the deca...but it only hurt for like the first 2-3 injects and after that, no pain. It might be because i started injecting it before workouts....try that
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    Cronk Junior Member

    I'll be using PL's water based winny in a week. Glad to hear it's painless. How much are you using a day and for how long? Mine looks a little clumpy so I was wondering what size pin you're using. Thanks Biggriz.

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    jagers Junior Member

    hell yeah i love it in delts, its like 80% pure growth, try it in tris it seems to respond even better in them if you hit the "magic"pocket right
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    moralanimal Junior Member

    I am personally not a huge fan of winny but I have a similiar reaction so I stick to orally winny
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    Biggriz Junior Member

    Hey Cronk, you'll love it bro. I'm using a 25ga pin and I'll be "on" for 5 weeks. Mine was clumpy too. Just boil up some water, remove from heat, put in bottle of winny with a pin sticking through the rubber stopper, let it stay in there for 5 min. or so...cleans right up.
    Good Luck!

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