Injectable Anadrol & Dbol vs. Oral Anadrol & Dbol


Thinking of doing adding some Anadrol or Dbol into my cycle for maybe 3-4 weeks this would be my first time with Anadrol but my second time with Dbol. A friend of mine just let me have 2 vials 1 of Anadrol and one of Dbol. How does the inject versions compare to the oral and which are easier to handle in terms of sides for a first time Anadrol user & how does the inject Dbol compare to the oral I found the oral to be very powerful and not too hard to handle is the inject version the same?


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Same shit....I ran injectable DBOL I like it. On some sites it says you can take 30 mg inject which equals 50 mg oral. But I pinned 50 mg anyway. It was good stuff.

I just stopped oral Anadrol 4 weeks ago, I did 50 mg for 2 weeks, 100 mg for 2 weeks, and 150 mg for twoo weeks. At the end I got the WORST heartburn/acid reflex ever. I would throw up in my mouth at night when sleeping. I would have to swallow it, as soon as I stopped oral Adrol the heartburn stopped. And what a relief. Heartburn doesnt sound like a bad side, at least to me. But after 2 weeks constantly it gets to you. Also eating was ok on it.