Injectable ephedrine?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by penche, Jan 11, 2019.

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    First is like to say I’ve never tried any type of IV drug or for that matter H or hard drugs. I’m not judging anyone either but I don’t want you guys to think I’m tryin to get a high or something. My question towards this injectable ephedrine it worth using it for those long days where cardio is going to kick my ass after the weights?

    My diet is pretty on point and I’ve lost a great amount of fat on this run and diet. Although on the latter part of the week cardio is killing me. I want to shoot for 45min but I gut myself short around 30min. Figured if I used a minor dose Subq of injectable ephedrine it may give me the gas to continue the cardio session after weight training?

    Has anyone used this stimulant? I did some research and one is not to exceed 150mg per day. I’d start very small to see how I react. Let me put on my flame suit just in case lol.
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    Injectable ephedrine is great for giving you some extra "motivation" . I've used Turkish's amps in the past and they are honestly in a whole different league than bronkaid .

    The only thing id suggest is using them sparingly because you start getting diminished effects from them over time . So if you are using them every day as a crutch to get through cardio they basically stop working after a few weeks . But if you throw them in 2-3 times a week to give you the extra gas for a intense workout they work wonderfully.

    Edit: i wouldn't pin them sub-q if i were you , ive tried it and it hurts like a bitch . I found just going IM in the delt or glute works best .
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    This is exactly what I was looking for brotha.
    BTW you look like a fuckin animal in the avi my dude, where you at in the BF department bro?

    Exactly how I was looking to use them, possibly 2-3 times per week maybe for 3-4 weeks then stop them. How much of a dosage were you using and how much time prior to training if I can ask bro.
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    I wouldn’t use ephedrine while on blast.
    Especially if you running orals or tren and doing a lot of cardio. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    SP has this :
    Injectable albuterol with lipo-b, b12 and b6.... 10ml.. $30
    >>> > > Very powerful stuff. 1 dose is just 1 tick on a slin pin. Sub q.

    Lol, I’m too scared to use it. But seems like it would help with cardio, energy and fat burning.

    Does sound interesting!
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    Is there really a major difference between oral and injectable? I have some injectable but never used it... I saw some literature that indicated it was caused tissue damage.
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    True I’m on blast I will be dropping the Anadrol this week. I will still maintain the oils for the remainder of the 10-12weeks.
    1100 Test, 1100 Eq and 300npp.
    Plus the Serostim and HGH generics for another 6 months. 5~6iu per day split pin around no carbs when doing the HGH.

    I understand your logic I suppose since I’ve taken oral ephedra, maybe I feel injectable in minor dose would be okay? I was a bit intimidated also by the red dragon SP carries. Mainly why I also wanted to use TP injectable ephedra.

    I’d be curious on the literature you have. If I could grasp more sleep at night I more likely wouldn’t be supplementing a stimulant like this. The Eq is more likely keeping me up but the effects at 1g are nice.
    I option 300-400mg of caffeine and that does help push through cardio but it’s a task after my weight training session when cardio goal is 40~45min.

    I’m pretty close to my goal. I’ve managed to remove 3 inches off my stomach area using a tape measure in 8 weeks. Veins are very much more pronounced without any loss in muscle mass. Maybe if you’re free I’d like to pm you @Eman to fine tune some little things sometime this weekend if you’re not busy. Second set of eyes never hurts imo
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    Id use just one 50mg amp pre workout , most of the time id do double sessions and use 1 amp before both session . Id use them on my heavy cardio sessions on m-w-f , which id usually lift in the a.m. and do cardio in the p.m. or visa versa . But if you're sensitive to stims 1 amp a day will be more than enough.

    The pic in my avi was back 2-3 months ago . I was in the high 260's , i dunno probably 11-12% bf . But i was bulking pretty heavy so i was holding a good bit of water so not sure exactly. Im back down around 250 now though , i have a tear in my rotator cuff so ive havent been training much upper body . Doing cardio and resistance bands mostly just trying not to atrophy while i decide what route to go with this shoulder.
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    Appreciate your input my dude.
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    Anytime man. I will look for the literature, it's been a long time since I heard the word injectable ephedrine.

    I can tell you right away that eca stack with l tyrosine added should really hit you hard. Like 60mg I think of tyrosine, 50mg ephedrine 200mg caff and a baby aspirin... That should put you right through cardio.