Injectable pregnenolone and dhea

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  1. milord

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    Dear Members,

    I am looking for information regarding injectable dhea and pregnenolone. I know many of you are lucky to be able to absorb gel or simply take a pill, but I aint.

    Please, any relevant information helps!
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  2. Michael Scally MD

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    Excluding the unbelievable nature of your claim, what is this for?
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  3. milord

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    Thank you for asking!
    I will try to be very short!
    - I am under doctos supervision
    - I had an undescended right testicle, the operating doctor told me it was not functioning
    - I had a severe 3 times reoccuring varicocele on the left side
    - I had low testosterone levels 250ng/dl and low other hormonal leves (like dhea , progesterone, cortisol, aldosterone)also but what was most interesting my LH FSH levels were also below range allthough they should have been high becaues of my low Test output (maybe a head trauma)
    - I am on testosterone therapy, injected every day, 100mg / week SC, 100IU hcg SC/ daily
    - when measured this way I have zero E2 problems (based on labresoults) , before when injecting every week once, I had severe E2 related problems
    - I tried to elevate my dhea, progesterone and pregnenolone leves (hoping to elevate my cortisol aswell)
    -when trying any oral preparation and transdermal (liposomal and regular), even sublingual and time release I had very severe E2 issues, allthough for short times I felt better beeing not only my E2 elevated but progesterone and cortisol etc. aswell
    - I tried dhea and pregnenolone and progesterone separatelly, I had always lab resoults supporting what I am saying now, all of them raise my E2 levels, I tried doses as litte as 10mg, up to 100- 200mg for all different substances, I also tried to find a top up dose, also tried to dose several times a day. I am a fast metabolizer, anything what comes in to my body gets metabolized fast, leaving me with high E2.
    - because I have very good resoults with injectable preparates, and have zero E2 side effects, I thought I should give a try to injectable dhea and pregnenolone.

    Dear Doctor , what is your opinion about injectable dhea and pregnenolone (I have a pharmacy to compund) ? Do you think they could possible solve this problem with E2?

    Thank you for your kind answer in advance!
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  4. Riz

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    What are your current thoughts on DHEA and PREGNENOLONE?
  5. Riz

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    Hey Doctor,

    Any current thoughts on the above mentioned compounds?
  6. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    No evidence for use.