Injecting Enanthate ONCE Per Week VS. Twice

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by sergio mendes, Apr 9, 2004.

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    sergio mendes

    sergio mendes Junior Member

    I've developed a lot of scar tissue and really dislike causing more....I'm wondering about the benefits/downside of taking 2 cc's (500mg) of my enanthate in ONE injection rather than spacing it into two per week. I'd use other body parts, but I'm just not comfortable using muscles other than glutes...would I be able to get away with once per week injections? Thanks a lot
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    FearMy6Pak Junior Member

    The test levels will be more stable at 2x per week and I would reccomend sticking to the 2x per week injections. Bro try the Quad and delt! They are easy to inject.

    Good day
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    joe shmoe

    joe shmoe Junior Member

    I dont think you will see much difference in size and/or strength with 1x per week or every 5 days. IMO the only difference is on a graph.

    sometimes me and karch think so much alike that its scary. however, i hesitantly have to disagree with that statement. i think he will feel some mood swings also. OK, maybe not so much in gains, but i think his blood levels will fluctuate enough to have some negative side effect on his mood.

    sorry brother karch. just my opinion and i'ma bit "tipsy" right now. :)

    have a nice day
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    joe shmoe

    joe shmoe Junior Member

    or i could be drunk :).

    have a nice day
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    Deacon Member

    I agree that twice a week is superior and that keeping those blood levels constant is important. As far as other injection sites I like delts and quads better than glutes any day - try them bro you may be surprised
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    eleven11 Member

    I only shot glutes since I started many years ago. I had a thing about hitting my legs and arms but once I finally did I was thinking what an idiot I was for thinking that, Plus its alot easier to hit the thigh and shoulders. 25g for the thigh and delts..........11
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    dumbbellpress Junior Member

    If you are using a 23 gauge or 25 gauge pin, I am very confused as to why you would have a bunch of scar tissue.

    My first two cycles I used a 22 gauge 1 inch for quad shots. My last 2 cycles I have used 23 gauge 1 inch likewise for quad shots. I have literally ZERO scar tissue. Further, from now until the day I die, I will be drawing with a 22 gauge and shooting with a 25 gauge 1 inch. I am very confused as to why you have a bunch of scar tissue?? Am I missing something??

    dumbbellpress Dallas Cowboys - America's Team.
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    LuvMuhRoids Junior Member

    I agree here. Enanthate ester is good for keeping consistant levels at even a once a week administration. There is a member on another board that posted his blood work on enanthate on injections based off once a week. Idealy 2x's a week is better but the spikes in plasma levels are not enough to inhibit growth or cause increase in sides affects. I administer E5D.

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