Injecting into Bicep... bad news.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by MaxPayne, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. MaxPayne

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    I've done it twice. My bi's range from 16.1 to 16.5" cold in the morning, depending on how much I've been working out.

    Given: I'm able to inject 2 cc in either shoulder without a nudge of soreness the next day.

    What I tried:
    1/2 cc of medical grade (I'm on TRT) cypionate into right bicep. Inner head. Maybe 5/8" into the muscle.

    What happened:
    Hard to straighten arm totally. Arm too sore to work out for about 3 days.

    What I tried:
    1/2 cc of medical grade (I'm on TRT) cypionate into left bicep. Inner head. Maybe 5/8" into the muscle.

    What happened:
    Arm was shot for about 6 days. Lost alot of training time. Bicep became red, looking like a bad sunburn. i'm guessing a reaction, oil probably leaked out of muscle to under skin. Given the travel of the redness, it would be consistent with that. Hard to straighten arm. Bicep swollen.
    Great stretch of fascia, if that is what you are going for.

    Possible conclusions:
    - I'm an idiot. lol... had to beat someone to that one.
    - Bicep injections are not worth it. May lead to lots of problems, loss of training time.
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  2. Stormbringer

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    Just to let you know what I have been taught, never use a long acting ester for spot injections like calf, tri, bi etc... I have also posted on several other boards about it because I have had difficulty getting arms to grow and wanted to do Suspension Test to biceps for the rumored local growth. What everyone posted back is that there really is know benefit to the area around where you inject anymore than the rest of the body. For example, I have been injecting into my quads for years, while they maybe big, it is not from my injections to the outersweeps.
  3. zkt

    zkt Member

    So the only place ya wanna inject TE is the glutes and quads ?
  4. MaxPayne

    MaxPayne Junior Member

    I inject into my chest usually. Easiest place for me. Or I do shoulders. Most people do quads, glutes or shoulders.

    Bicep... I would not recommend given my experience.
  5. MaxPayne

    MaxPayne Junior Member

    Spot injections

    One thing to note... acne on me, from steroids is highly localized. Zits on my ass, from glute injections. Zits on my arms from shoulder. So, some receptor activation seems to be localized.
  6. HDH

    HDH Member

    Re: Spot injections

    Never heard of localized acne from aas it seems it would fall under the spot injections myth. But, just because I haven't heard of something doesn't mean it's not the case.

  7. advanced-stealth

    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Re: Spot injections

    I do glutes,delts and tris.
  8. BIG FISH1

    BIG FISH1 Junior Member

    I love hittin my bi's with TE! It leaves them feeeling full for a couple days. You have to go deep, if you can.
  9. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    Everyone's different, some people tolerate bi's and calves well. But as a rule, THEY ARE NOT GOOD SITES, and not recognized in the medical world. Why are you hitting the bi's ? You have ventro glutes, quads, glutes, delts.
  10. MaxPayne

    MaxPayne Junior Member

    I did it under the possibly stupid assumption that it would stretch the fascia, the muscle, and allow for more growth.

    As far as localized acne though... yeah... I may be the exception, but glut injection is guaranteed zits on my ass. It isn't subtle.
  11. BIG FISH1

    BIG FISH1 Junior Member

    I shot bi's maybe once a month to give my butt and quads a break. I've never heard of or read not to do site injections in my bi's. I even mentioned it to my endo and he didn't have a problem with it. Why is it so bad?
  12. HDH

    HDH Member

    You must have read an article on synthol.

  13. Selene

    Selene Junior Member

    Personally I have never had a problem with a bicep injection and have not heard of anyone having such issues.

    good luck to you
  14. rogan

    rogan Junior Member

    I stumbled on this thread as I am using some T Susp to site inject my biceps and I was wondering what other guys experience has been with it. There are a number of good comments here...using a fast acting test allows one to inj with an insulin syringe. That helps a lot but even with that I have frequently hit a nerve. But with some time I have found spots that seem to work ok and other I tend to avoid. I have experienced the sunburn / redness thing a couple times and I did have a build up of scar tissue in one area. I have also found that the dose need not be high. I am using 75mg a day - split in half (AM and PM) and then split into each bicep. That's about 18mg in each bicep shot. Crazy or not it is working. Each arm is up 1/2 to 3/4". There is a swelling and pump. Have had awesome arm workouts. Can def feel the fascia stretching as somebody remarked earlier in this thread. Gonna keep hitting em one more week then see if any of the gain is permanent. FWIW I cannot fathom amyone using synthol in the bis...big pin and 2-3cc of heavy oil. OMG!
  15. novicebb

    novicebb Member

    Personally I think that injecting short or long esters into the calves and bicep then you are going to be sore. That is from my personal experience. I injected Test Prop once in my left bicep and once in my left calf and in my calf I couldn't walk proper for almost 3 days and the left bicep was sore for almost 5 days. I couldn't do curls at all.
  16. HDH

    HDH Member

    It just doesn't work like that. They are swelled because you are injecting into them. If you were stretching the fascia like you think, there would just be a lump where the oil is injected. Not a full muscle. Ever heard of the term "placebo effect"?

  17. rogan

    rogan Junior Member

    HDH...I agree that the swelling and added size are a result of the injections...there is inflamation no denying that. While I would not describe any of this as a placebo effect,, I am skeptical that the gains in size will be permanent...time will tell.
  18. Big-Amsterdam

    Big-Amsterdam Member

    talking about pain when injecting into bicep: the first time i injected in my bicep was 1,5ml of winstrol... that is REALLY a bad idea!!!!
  19. ChaseQ

    ChaseQ Member

    I remember reading an article years ago about a guy that was doing BI injections. He severed a nerve in his BI. Making nearly 50% of it completely atrophy. It looked as if you took an ice cream scoop to the top half of his BI and simply scooped it out. The pictures were really sad. After seeing that I would NEVER inject in the Bi.

    Im going to try and find the pic.
  20. iamgq

    iamgq Junior Member

    Spot injections never did work for me. I spot injected my ass for years and it nerver got bigger. Then I learned "squats" is what makes the ass. :D :D