Injecting into your Delt may cause SIRVA

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Jak3d, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Jak3d

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    I'm a little rusty at giving my self injections and I'm paying for it now. I gave myself three shots last week. 2 in the delts and one in my qaud. I hit the delt shot a little high and the shoulder pain was minimal till three days later and it is still there.

    I googled what it could possibly be and came across a condition called SIRVA which can tear your rotor cuff. I don't think it's torn but I'm feeling it around my rotor cuff.

    Aprrently is quite common when you get or do a delt injection that is too high in your shoulder. Just a Warning for everyone to check where you inject in your Delt or better yet stick to your glutes or quads.

    I got a pneumonia shot — and then the pain began
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    I love pinning delts, but I'm fortunate to have never done that. However, something similar happened to my wife at one of those minute clinics. She got a flu shot and the PA jabbed the needle in too high and she had shoulder pain in the joint for like three months.
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    OP, I hit delts all the time, in the beginning the pip would not kick in for a day or so and last up to a week. Honestly I'd say it's prob just pip since you haven't pinned them in a while
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    I pin delts exclusively for years... on cycle I pin a lot of oil three times a week with no issues other than the occasional crunch going in through scar tissue
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    I'm not too worried about it because it's getting better. I'm pretty sure it's not pip because the pain isn't near my actual on my delt. I had pip for a day and now that pain is gone. It's a burning pain just above my actual delt where my trap muscle starts and towards the rear delt on but both shoulders. My pip on my quad only lasted a day also.

    The info I posted was more for informational purposes.
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    PIZZABOY Member

    My fav site, never more than 1 ml for me. Went in at shallow angle once or pin bent, left big lump.
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    That is funny, I can push 3cc's in each delt three times a week with no issues.... they so get freaky looking toward the end of my cycle though

    PIZZABOY Member

    Its been a long time since i did 3mls, those were in the glutes, must have had alot of ba in it, had golf ball size knots. This one girl said" your starting to grow horns out your ass!" Kept my pants up better than a belt.
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    The front delt is easiest for me to pin. I use a 25ga x 1" pin. Pin the front delt straight in, and perpendicular to the delt
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    Shoulder Injury After Vaccine Administration please spare me.

    Any wonder why a Google search
    first lists the multitudes of ATTORNEYS willing to take "your" case, as a part of a "class action lawsuit".

    Since I've injected the sub-acromial bursa and the shoulder joint itself in a multitude of patients with shoulder complaints, if you're legitimately developing rotator cuff issues as a result of Deltoid injections your technique IS THE PROBLEM.

    Heck since the Rotator Cuff encircles the humerus I've no idea what is implied by "feeling it around the rotator cuff".
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  11. Jak3d

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    Ya I didn't write the article I just found it interesting. I fully admit my pain is from a bad shot because it was my first one in five years and I'm rusty. My pain is not in my delt but around it. Ive torn my rotor cuff before and I never said it was torn because I would know if it was.
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  12. Dr JIM

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    Bc of PIP, ONE ML is the standard medical dose for the deltoid region.
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  14. jJjburton

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    i don't like shoulders after I pin 3cc It hurts to raise my shoulders above my head and hold it there. It almost has this stinging pain. It goes away the day after I pin shoulders but it's rough. Anyone else get this?

    I pin 3cc of high concentrated gear in my biceps no problem. So I guess shoulders is just not for me. Also my shoulders leak the most of any spot.
  15. franchise24

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    I pin 3ccs in my Delts. But I worked up to it. Now I am good.
  16. jJjburton

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    Yea but it happens even when I pin 1cc. I worked up to 3 cc also. I don't get pip the day after just the 6 hrs after I pin. And it only happens when I put my arms over my head.