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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by dougdr, May 11, 2008.

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    dougdr Junior Member

    Hey guys need a little help here with a problem. I took a 2cc shot in the glute last sunday of 1 cc of sust @325mg and 1 cc of primo @100mg.this was my 9th shot of this but this time i have a lump on my ass that is about 1inch by 3 inches long at the injection site,it is not red and there is a little pain but more of like a prop injection pain.i have had this in some of the previous 9 injections but never lasted a week . Could this possibly be an infection or just oil build up?if its just a build up can i make it disporse faster?
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    Thickneck Member

    Use your fist ,get in deep and rub the hell out of it . Sometimes i use a door jam if it is in my shoulder . LOL
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    jmills Member

    Yeah, nice hot compress (or really hot shower) and deep massage.

    Good luck with it bro,
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    dougdr Junior Member

    so you think is just a biuld up and not infection?
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    dennis Member

    Doubtfull that it is an infection bro.....;)
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    EPOWER Member

    I get this from every shot, somtimes mine even get hot and hurt like hell. It always fades away in a week or so. I like to take a nice hot shower after I inject and rub the hell outa it in the shower, seems to help me out. If you get an infection i promise you will know it. I had an abcess once had to go to the hospital they cut it open and drained me out, that hurt real bad. You will know bro. Good Luck

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    dougdr Junior Member

    thanks for all the replies.i did use heat and message last night but the lump still hasn't went down.i have never had this before so it worries me a bit. what really sucks is i only like using 4 sites to inject and i'm injecting 4 times a week so lossing one for this long is really shitty.

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