Injections for increase Calves ???

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Settimun, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Settimun Junior Member

    Hi gays! I have a common calves are too small. :( I tried all teknics but ..nothing, So I decided to try a chemical solution, I' d like to inject same drugs into them to increase size. But I don t know whot drugs I can try. Can you help me , please.
    Thank you .
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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    Get a HS education first, then worry about you calves.
    Your post reminds me of surfer boy. ;)
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    MaxRep Member

    RM, I think it's more a matter of him being from Italy and english is his 2nd language.

    There's really no drug that will actually give permanent, muscle specific gains. Plus, it's very common to experience severe pain for 3-5 days after injecting steroids into the calves.

    You can either train your calves a little harder or smarter or get used to having small calves.

    Good luck,
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    dennis Member

    HI JACK ! Have any of you ever considered surgical calf implants ? My calfs are my only lagging body part.
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    chewiechomp Junior Member

    Calves can be a tough one. A lot of it has to do with genetics. I would say try changing up your training method first. I changed things up and have added some serious size to my calves. And now I love them.

    I found they grew when I did high reps with a low weight, vs heavy weights. I think this has to do with the type of muscle fibers they are.

    Try this: The only calf exercise you need - Go to the standing calf raise machine (the one where the things sit on your shoulders.) Set a weight that you can get 20 reps with. For me, it was only 75 lbs. (I was used to maxing the machine out for 6 reps, but this is a whole new ball game.) First set - do 25 reps. It will burn like hell. You may need to cheat on the last few. Rest for 15 seconds ONLY - just enough for the burning to go away. Repeat with another 25 reps. Rest another 15 secs and repeat one last time. Total of 75 reps. Very quick, but you will feel it for days. Worked for me.
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    solo47 Member

    Hi Thweety.

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    solo47 Member

    Speaking for myself (natural calves almost non-existent), the sit-down machine where you brace your toes and upper foot on a bar to lift weights bearing down via a padded bar on your knees is most effective. It really isolates the calves. I injected GH directly into the calves with no great effect (now convinced site injection does not work beyond a period of swelling), BUT those sitting calf lifts (along with great amounts of Sust and tren Ace) really did wonders, just as they did for my biceps, previously another smaller area on my body.

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    Ironhorse Member

    [:eek:)] LOL[:eek:)]
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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    Sorry bro since English is you 2nd language.
    Some of these high school kids that post here can't do any better,
    they want to look like Jay Cutler in a month and don't know HGH from Test.
    Kind of pisses me off
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    Bridger Member

    I've been doing that calf exercise that chewie posted. In just a few weeks I can see a difference, my calfs are still small, but I can see some growth already.

    And, I got that exercise from Nelson Montana over at EF. He's got some interesting ideas for other bodyparts that seem like they are worth trying.
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    jasthace Member

    16 reps seems to be the magic # for calfs for me.
    Standing,seated,45d leg press.
    Arnold trained them first to become one of his strong points.
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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    Arnold's calves were one of his strong points?
    I sure don't remember him having big calves at all.
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    jasthace Member

    Arnold's Top Form Measurements

    Arms 22 inches
    Chest 57 inches
    Waist 34 inches
    Thighes 28.5 inches
    Calves 20 inches
    Weight 235 pounds
    Height 6'2"

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    Stormbringer Junior Member

    Arnold's calves looked liked hard diamonds. They were shredded and perfect form.

    I have huge calves that everyone has always been jealous of. Still needed a lot of form to them though. It is my training partners only weak point. We have started doing Time Under Tention Supersets with 45% raise and seated raise. Completely brought out his calves. Could not even use the clutch in my car to leave the gym the first several times we did them.

    This in combination with the last show we were getting ready for, we were working with a Retd IFBB pro on poses and flexing who showed us a different way to pose them and all of the sudden with practice, he no longer had calves as a weak point. The Pro had said that for the years he had been competing, he had never learned to make the outer part of the calf to flex and said this is very common when people think they do not have calves. You have to teach that part of the calf to flex with a lot of posing, it wasnt that he did not have the calves. It was as difficult posing as the workouts were. But no shit, 4 weeks of this, calves were amazing!
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    Settimun Junior Member

    Thank you for your helpness, in particular for Chewiechomp, I'll try your suggest from this monday. ;-)
    ( and sorry for my bad english ..but is my 3st linguage, and thank for tweety :eek: )
    About injections in calves..a my friend told me to try same Syntol ( Punp end Pose), but...whot do you think about ??
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    Ironhorse Member

    Dont bother with synthol. You wont like it.
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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    Maybe it was his quads that were small.
    Don't remember him being 6'2" either.
    Now he's 60 think thats really him?
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2007
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    Reinheart Member

    No fucking way... It's a shame if he is though............................... :(:(:(
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    MaxRep Member

    That is him as he was at one point about 2 years ago. He admitted it and said it was a shocker to him as to how he had let himself get so far out of shape. He said the work hours of being Governor had been such that he hadn't worked out for a year or more and wasn't eating right either, at the time of that photo. He promised, and I understand has made good on his promise, to get back in the gym and start eating right. The last I heard, he is looking great for a 60 year old guy.

    As far as his height, I met him once at Gold's in Venice back in the 80's. He seemed to me to be about 6' or maybe 6'1". The 6'2" that is commonly listed is probably a slight exaggeration.

    Best regards,
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    zumper Junior Member


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