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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Get Some, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Quick Stats:

    235 lbs
    ~13% BF

    Natural Training from age 18 to 23 (diet was great, natural test levels were awesome) helped me go from 180 lbs at 12% BF to 235 lbs at 13% BF.

    My chest is still small. My arms got bigger and my back and legs got huge. But the chest is relatively the same size.

    My main issue with this is that my chest is rather "CONCAVE." The outer and upper regions of my chest have gained a little size, but I can't get the inner region of my chest (near the sternum) to "fill-out" so to speak.

    Does anyone else have this problem and is there a good routine/set of exercises I can use to fix this over time?

    Thanks for any help you can provide, because I honestly feel weird when I take off my shirt. People think I'm a big guy when I have a shirt on, but as soon as it comes off, I look so much smaller from the front because of my chest.

  2. stepUPdawg

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    Curios.. What are the natural test levela at??

    I am an issue that my chest never seems to get the muscles tight.

    Not fat but more like flabby!!!!
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    When doing barbell benching; perhaps try moving your grip an inch or two inwards. Don't move it in too much or you'll be hitting your triceps a lot.
  4. drewbolic

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    inside shoulder grip presses.On flat bench try moving your hand slightly inside shoulder width apart and keep elbows out.
    Same with dips try weighted dips leaning forward and elbows out.
    Besides that GS continue to work on the upper and lower with inclines and declines fly's for width and presses for thickness and it should naturally fill in.
  5. not tobig

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    how you doing bro, i've had a few freinds with the same problem, most of them cannot get the chest line. i had the same problem myself.

    the best thing i can suggest is to do heavier weights on flat bench press, for instance if you are conformable doing 80kg and can get around 12 reps, hit 90kg's and go for 6 or more. the best exersize i can reccomend for you inner chest is pec deck, but you have to have full range motion the key is to bring your arms in together at a slow pace and keep your back and neck straight, if you can do 12-15 on a sutiable weight again go up. main thing to remember is to surprise the muscle and i can gurantee in 2 weeks your chest will look alot fuller. also make sure you do dumbel flys and belive it of not weighted dip's, resisstance can make a huge diffrence, as i am sure you will see in the future. if you would like any training programes dont hessitate to ask bro.

    good luck
  6. Bryan Haycock

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    Keep in mind that what you are seeing is likely the result of your rib cage, rather than the muscle itself. So people are barrel chested and other have a more concave chest.

    It’s also important to remember that you can't isolate the proximal or distal portion of the pec. When lifting the pec will undergo pretty much evenly distributed strain throughout the length of the, if the inner chest is going to grow, it will only happen with the rest of the pec. You can isolate the upper portion (clavicular) or the lower portion…but you can’t isolate inner and outer.

    Doing close grip presses was (and still is) thought to build the inner portion of the chest because of the cramping that is felt in that area when the arms are fully adducted and the pec is contracted intensely. The pain that is felt isn't from increase strain in that region, but rather hypoxia, or a lack of oxygen in the tissue.

    In short, any effective chest routine is going to give you all that you can hope for as far as changing the appearance of your chest. One good approach is to focus on the lower portion…building a good ledge under your chest will give the appearance of a well muscles chest, even if you aren’t happy with the inner portion.
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    Hey mate,

    I have the same thing, a rather concave chest and when I put on size on my chest it goes to the outer regions rather than to the centre part of your pecs. The main reason being is because the concavity of your chest makes the inner parts of your pec not activate at the end of your chest press movement.

    If you think of how a bicep curl works when its fully extended the first part of a curl draws on the lowest part of the bicep and as you contract it further it activates muscles higher toward the shoulder.

    The same goes for your chest as you do the eccentric movement of a chess press uses the outer pecs and engages the middle toward the end of the movement. HOWEVER due to the concavity of your chest the angle makes the centre of your chest not activate much at all. The solution is remove the concavity.

    This can be done in several ways. Firsty when doing the presses really open up your chest, pulling your shoulders back. Or if you want more permanent results you'll need to do thoracic expansion exercises to pull out your concave chest. Here is a link to do that. (I highly recommend the pullovers using light BBs)

    Good Luck!
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    Deep dumbell Flys with a spotter at the end of your workouts will fuck your shit up forsure.
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    Seeing that this thread is old AF, I'll be brief. There's no such thing as an inner chest. The muscles in the pecs grow laterally. You do simply need more chest mass period.
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