Insane tricep pump routine (not for faint of heart)

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    I had to find different ways to stimulate triceps while dealing with a tendon issue in my left tricep, so I discovered that hinge type movements aggravated it but a closer grip press didn't bother me as badly. So this is something I came up with to try to continue getting results. It's not for the weak...

    I use a flat bench Smith machine and go about 10" apart on hands (don't like going too close, bothers my wrists)

    So you will perform 2 sets of 50 reps a set. Now, you do these in a quicker pump style motion stopping about 2" above chest and about 6-8 inches short of lockout to keep tension on triceps the entire set.

    Here is the kicker....every time you hit the 10th rep you let the bar touch your chest and hold it there for roughly 5-10 seconds (this allows the contraction to go deep into your arms and all the way down the tricep to almost the shoulder/tricep connection point, it's a very deep stretch). Then on rep 20 it's that same pause again, then again on rep 30, 40, and 50 to finish the set.

    I start with just a 25 lb plate on each side and hit 50 reps. Rest 3 minutes. Next, you will pick a weight that is challenging to hit 50 reps with. The 25 per side is simply greasing the groove. Next I'll slap on another 25lb plate per side and do the same thing in the same fashion. The goal is to get as many reps as close to 50 reps as possible. If you can hit 50 then the next time you do it you slap on the 2.5lb baby plates per side and try to do it with that. You progress by the 2.5lb plates. If you fail on the second set at say 36 reps, you will rest pause up to 2x max until 50 reps are performed. The goal is to eventually get to 50 th rep no rest pause and then slowly go up from there.

    Do it and see how blown the fuck out those triceps look!!!! Just thought to share, it's tough
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    Damn that really sounds tough, so might give these a try. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Just tried this yesterday as a finisher on my Upper day and it was indeed brutal. Couldn't feel my triceps. It's fun to do this kind of training just to break the monotony of your routine.
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