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  1. JayBigJ

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    Anyone have experience with these? I followed one to just look at the pictures and now I have a bunch sending me follow requests and price lists. I'll include a picture of one claiming to be a meditech reseller and the price list is pretty competitive. I still think it's pretty sketchy though.

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  2. picholas

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    Bad idea.
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  3. Xragexx

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    Stay away, they’re inviting LE in with instagram.
  4. anfee

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    Do not use an Instagram source! Bad idea.
  5. JayBigJ

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    I didn't think it looked good lol
  6. Savagesteve

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    Why would anyone even consider this? About like buying pussy on’re gonna get burned
  7. rocco-x

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    Social media sources...just go to local PD with vials in hand.
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  8. BigNattyDaddy

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    Don't do it lol