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    I was using humalog short acting insulin I got some Lantus long acting which do you guys prefer?
    Does the short acting work better say you do 5iu Humalog and 5 iu Lantus I know the humalog last a few hours the Lantus last up to 12 hours at a slower pace. From most pros they like the humalog short acting but a nurse diabetic counselor who is also a bodybuilder suggested long acting that it works better and slower any thoughts on this? Anyone who has used them what results you like better what is the reasoning behind doing shorter acting as opposed to longer ?
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    When in doubt, short acting is better unless you're using 8iu+/day of GH.... Then, in some circumstances, lantus + humalog can work well. You realistically dont NEED insulin at that level throughout the day unless you're training 2x a day.
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    What is your experience level, why are you using insulin, and what is your stack design (in its entirety)?
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    I’ve been using insulin for the last few years I’ve tried many methods from low-dose to a higher doses. Personally, I have found 3 to 4 iu in the morning and at night time of Humalog has had tremendous results. My stack is HGH with insulin and I’ve cut my body fat down to 8% maybe less. I think people are misinformed on how to use insulin and HGH together and how igf is created and utilized in the body. I was just asking experienced users have had better results with long and short acting insulin which one was a better fat burner. The nurse recommends testing blood obviously but she feels results are better with long acting slin. Additionally, it’s an anti aging medicine as well as you get older like me, just a little insulin relieves stress from the pancreas to keep up with all the sugars and carbs. Thus my micro dosing method has amazing results just trying to see if long acting metabolizes more carbs/sugars and how has affected size fat ect for those who have used it.
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    I do not believe exogenous insulin should be used as part of a fat loss protocol, especially analogs such as Lantus. I don't even recommend them on preps, although some do like the acute cosmetic effects that short-acting analogs can bring when timed in certain ways.
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    I could recognize your grammar anywhere, getbig...
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    Yup using the microphone option my grammar sucks.
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    I use 5 ius of humalog with 5 ius of novilin R preworkout with 2 ius of growth(20 mins prior), and 80 mcg of igf-1 DES(@ gym prior to lifting). I eat a rice crispy, 25 g cluster dextrin, 5 g creatine, 7 g EAAs. The pumps are insane!! Intra I use Gaspari's Size On product which has a carb mixture, creatine, and some other muscle hydrators.

    Post WO 5 ius Humalog with lean clean meal. Chicken or fish, rice or potatoes.

    I found that the mixture of regular and short acting slin allows me to stay full and pumped longer in the gym. When I only used humalog the pumps did not last nearly as long.

    Also prior to fasted cardio I pin 2 ius of humalog and 400 mgs of L-carntine. It seems to really help keep me lean during my building phase.

    My other gear while doing this was:

    Test E- 600 mgs
    tren E- 300 mgs
    Deca- 600 mgs
    6 ius of growth per day.
    50 mgs drol
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    SQ Humalog about 30 mins after IM GH pin.
    Also, may as well use inj carnitine if you are pinning slin (increased androgen receptor density, increased fat lose etc).

    I wouldn't touch lantus as that does not give any break for sensitization -- could lead to problems unless it used only very short term.
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    I was going to post, then saw you've got this. tren has me to impatient right now to tackle this one lol
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    Trenbolone also makes me quite more intolerant and impatient than I would be otherwise. :)
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    The L-Carn I use is injectable. Works wonders compared to the oral junk.
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    What is your dose for the carnitine?
    I should start with it too, next week.
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    100 mgs per 50 lbs of body weight.