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    Blood drawn on 12/24/2013

    testosterone dose - 90mgs 2x/week + Armour 105 mgs

    Hemoglobin (H) 17.3 G/DL Ref Range 13.2 - 17.1
    Hematocrit (H) 50% Ref Range 38.5 - 50

    MCH (H) 33.6 PG Ref Range 27.0 - 33.0

    Reasons For High MCH Blood Test Results
    The normal range of the MCH blood test is between 26 and 33 pg per cell. It is ideal that the result of the MCH blood test falls close to the middle of the range. The MCH blood test result may be low in the case of an individual who is suffering from iron deficiency anemia.

    However, high MCH blood test results occur when the reading is above 33 pg per cell. A high MCH blood count reading may be associated with a few different conditions. One such condition is known as microcytic anemia which occurs when the individual has a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body. Another condition that may cause high MCH blood test readings is that of thyroid malfunction. Certain other vitamins and minerals may also cause high MCH blood test readings if they are not present in the right quantities.

    SHBG (L) 15NMOL/L Ref Range 22 - 77

    TT 648 NG/DL Ref Range 241 - 827
    FT 210.1 pg/mL Ref Range 46.0 - 224.0

    DHT 37 NG/DL Ref Range 16 - 79

    Vit D 54 ng/mL

    TSH 1.62 mIU/L Ref Range 0.40 - 4.50
    Free t3 3.1 PG/ML Ref Range 2.3 - 4.2
    Free T4 1.4 NG/DL Ref Range 0.8 - 1.8
    Reverse T3 (H) 40 ng/dL Ref Range 8 - 25

    SO - we have a few things to discuss with the doc. The thyroid meds have to be adjusted - perhaps compounded instead of Armour?

    Why is the SHBG so low??

    Any thoughts/comments from the group?

    BTW - Quest FORGOT to run Estradiol so I have to go again!!!
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    cvictorg Member

    Ultra Sensitive Estradiol cam back today

    50 PG/ML (H) Ref Range <Or =29

    SO - low SHBG and High E2! Interesting in that I don't have any symptoms of high E2.
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    Aren't you also running low dose tren E? Or is that later this year? I forget?
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    cvictorg Member

    Started that AFTER this blood work - this was the baseline for that experiment

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