Interview with TabMan. Fmr cop/convicted steroid dealer...

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    TabMan...the cop busted for selling gear before Vis Vires. In the interview he says he sold steroids because the police dept he worked for and was on leave from cut his health insurance and pay. He brought a lawsuit against the dept for not recognizing his ADHD which he claimed rendered him disabled. He also says he developed PTSD during that time as a result of the hardships he incurred.
    Give me a break. He wanted the dept to load him up with schedule 2 dextroamphetamine and to allow him to collect Soc Sec/Disability payments.
    Be sure to click on the highlighted words to see how the sentencing judge feels that the sentence of 3 yrs probation covered what was presented to him by the prosecuting US Attorney and Tabmans defense attorney prior to sentencing. He was convicted of Money Laundering and Steroid Distribution. He says the sentence was a result of him doing all the right things after his house was raided by federal agents. That's when most guys start acting right. They took all his steroids and computers and froze his bank accounts?
    Its clear he's cooperated with the gov't and not by being a good boy. He's either assisted in the prosecution of others or he has agreed to do so.
    The reporters should have asked to see Tabmans Pre-Sentencing Investigation(PSI). In it will be his Offense level and criminal category as well as discussion of the assistance he provided the gov't in ruining the lives of others or his plan to do so in the future.
    The judge handed out the light sentence after reading what the US Attorney had to say in the 5k1 about assisting the gov't.
    Its all fucking bullshit. I wonder what TSL has to say about all of this? I wonder if tabman served them up? They were implicated as working together somehow by gh15. There's going to be fallout from this bullshit sentence. Beware of anyone in the federal system who claims to have "Gotten Lucky".
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    Not good in the pocket. Fo sho
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    I agree with you bro. Look at the last rhode island bust he got 33 months.

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    What did he buy in Ebay that exposed him?
    1000 sterile vials? 3 dozens of Zapcaps?

    SPECK: I took steps so I would never get caught. There was no way you could trace anything back to me. My name wasn’t on anything. I never did hand-to-hand transactions. Maybe I kind of used that in a sense, I used to work narcotics so I know how everything works. I knew how to back door everything. I was shocked and said, ‘how did this happen’?

    DAVIS: What was it that allowed them to link you to the drugs

    SPECK: They say eBay.

    RESENDE: Do you want to elaborate on that? Were there any missteps?

    SPECK: It was creative report writing 101. There was never anything that was purchased illegal...
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    I've commented extensively about Tabman's case in another thread...

    Speck completely stopped going to work and, apparently because he was a corrupt cop who thought he was above the law, decided to start an illegal steroid manufacturing and trafficking enterprise. On top of that, he had the nerve to abuse the Americans with Disabilities Act so that he could be paid full benefits by taxpayers while he he was manufacturing/trafficking steroids.

    So how does the judge's sentence reconcile with these facts? Like you said, it doesn't. It doesn't make sense to me.

    You seem to think that prosecutors asked the judge for leniency. But they didn't. The government made a very strong case as to why he deserved no less than 57 months in prison! See this --> Tab Man?

    Also my comments on his interview here --> Tab Man?

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    The following is what tabmans sentencing judge had to say..."Smith(sentencing judge) admitted that the sentencing was unusual but said he felt it covered all of what was presented to him by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Rhode Island and Speck's defense attorney, Michael Lepizerra."
    Right. He was convicted of money laundering, distributing steroids, and dealing in misbranded drugs. Ask tabman for his Pre-Sentencing Investigation(PSI). 3 years probation. The sentencing guidelines were departed from because he has aided in the prosecution of others or he will be doing so in the near future. Not because he did everything he was supposed to do after he found out the dea had executed a search warrant. Its easy to get righteous then. He's a piece of shit rat. Period, the end.
    5k1's are confidential. Federal imates who cooperate with the gov't are everywhere. Those wanting to try and claim they didn't cooperate will steer you towards Of Information Act has every federal case listed here. Problem is, you won't find any cooperating defendants if there wasn't more than just what's on the surface.
    When being granted downward departures the sentencing judge isn't ignoring the guidelines. He is still within the guidelines he has simply applied what the gov't and federal prosecuter's say is the most important tool in their arsenal at punishing the guilty.
    It's how drug lords in conspiracy cases are brought to justice. Its also how once in custody and facing forever in prison that drug lord who was ratted out and threatened with testimony from those "in the know" starts to see some light at the end of the tunnel. They will start handing over capo's and other associates such as bankers and others who are instrumental in advancing a criminal enterprise through money laundering or extortion. Many that the gov't wouldn't otherwise be able to prosecute without downward departures to shorten prison sentences.
    If you haven't been a "victim" I understand what I'm telling you sounds ridiculous. It sounds like semantics and double talk when reading what a prosecutor says, however, unless the 5k1's are treated as if they didn't exist they would lose the influence the have over the system.
    The upper end of the guidelines call for 57 months. He got probation along with weekends for the next 52 weekend locked up in Administrative Segregation.
    The prosecutor wasn't lambasting the judge. He may not have expected tabman to be giving interviews and talking as much as he is. If the guidelines were deviated from so recklessly the prosecutor not only would have got some shots in on the judge he would have also appealed the sentence and it not for the confidential 5k1's he would without question would win and tabman would be back for re-sentencing.
    @Millard Baker , please pm me about what we had discussed...I appreciate it, sir.
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    Great Point ^^^^^^^^^^
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    So they were looking for anything to nail him
    checking his CC records
    then found Ebay vials, zapcaps or something like that in the bills?
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    So behind close doors he’s a rat bastard. That helped him reduce his sentenace? Makes sense
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    Who woulda thought.. a cop cooperating with the cops