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    Looking for a good supplement to take after I lift but before cardio. I usually lift intense for an hour and a half and then do an hour of cardio. I need something to give me a new wave before cardio. I’m cutting right now so I don’t know if a carb shake is the answer but that’s what has been suggested to me. Other suggestions have been BCAA’s (but I think it would be overkill since my post workout protein shake has plenty) and/or creatine.
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    So, you're lifting then doing cardio immediately after? If yes, EAAs during your lifting and cardio are the ideal scenario. Carbs are not necessary, however a small amount during your lifting session can't hurt (unless you're intending to be totally fasted for the cardio).

    This is why post-lifting cardio isn't as ideal as AM fasted cardio.... I like a bit of carbs during a lift, even in a caloric deficit.
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    HBCD + EEAs is as good as it gets; great for lower cal training. IMO the cals (carbs) around training should be pulled last so these should remain as long as possible. Something to consider.
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    Yes, lifting and then doing cardio. My schedule doesn’t allow me to do fasted cardio in the morning. I’ll look into some eaa’s and possibly get a carb shake for halfway through my lift. I was thinking around 20g of carbs.. sound about right?
  5. Wunderpus

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    I would start the carbs and EAAs at the beginning of the lift (even 15 minutes before lifting), and drink throughout the lift. Then, continue EAAs only during cardio.
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    Watched a few videos to learn about HBCD and I’m sold. So does HBCD and EAA’s Intra workout and then continue with just EAA’s during cardio sound good? Are there any good brands you recommend?
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    Once you’ve got a dose of EAAs intra workout i doubt you’d need another. I guess you can, and if you do then do as @Wunderpus says and stop the carbs at intra and keep EAA only for cardio.

    LikeAPro makes a great carb and EAA supp (glycotrix and EEA). That’s the first one that comes to mind. RedCon also has Cluster Bomb (carbs) and Grunt (EAAs)
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    Cheapest combo I’ve found for HBCD + Flavored EAA is Glycofuse and ProSupps EAAs on Amazon
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    I would suggest a good EAA / Cytric Dextrin Intra Workout and you will be fine for post workout Cardio.

    - CA
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