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    What's up guys my name is Vince and I'm a rep for Origin Sports and Nutrition. We,ve been around the boards about a month now. Our t/a is currently 1-4 days. We are us domestic only and shipping is free! We don't have a minimum at the moment but are considering a $100 minimum. We are also offering 20% off on all orders just mention meso in your order email.

    Here is some more basic information about the lab/

    Sterilization/ All our sterilization is accomplished with the use of an autoclave. All surfaces in the work space are wiped down previous to any brewing with a 90% alcohol and water solution. All oils are mct or gso filtered twice through a .22 nylon filter. Solvent concentrations for each product are available upon request.

    Security/ Our main form of communication is protonmail however we also have wickr available for repeat customers. We won't be publically sharing our list it is available through email requests only. As inconvenient as it is for some we are only accepting Bitcoin at the moment as we believe safety is in everyone's best interest. Our site is hosted internationally in a non co-operating country. Pics of our product can be found at our site.

    Testing:/ We are coming on to the scene at a time when testing is scarce. We are looking at energy control as an option. Are they an accepted alternative to the analyzer? If so we will be submitting samples and are encouraging our customers to do so as well. We will be offering $200 credit for the first 10 members to submit results. $100 will be offered on blood results posted.
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    I'm ready to order! Where do I send my Monopoly money?
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    Intro was shit. Get fucked.
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    Can I see your stock list or website.
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    Best movie Eva lol
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    My number one favorite actually. Scorsese has a few in my top 10.
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    Christ almighty they are coming out in force this week one shitty intro after another. Please take my money because those pictures of your fire gear and lab tests are spot on. Assholes.
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    What the fuck is going on????? No list...just the same blah blah bullshit as every other con artist...actually none of this con is artistry it's really absolute fucking garbage. Fuck off. Oh and Sports and Nutrition is a shitty name for a lab...even an imaginary one
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  10. Fuck. Must be hot out. Fuckers are coming out of the woodwork tonight.

    Your intro blows. Prove you have product and it better be a shit ton, not a sock drawer partially filled with unlabeled vials.

    Get on that first and don't dick around with excuses.
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    Shut this down just for safety please hahaha. I.hope this is a joke.
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    Goodness MSG aren’t you the one that started this new source Friday thang? Lol. You truly are a God because look at all these labs abiding by your rule :p

    Shew where to start.... As mentioned before,
    Pics of stock and lab setup
    Stock list/prices in the open
    Hey everyone they got a secret list of testosterone. Geez...
    @OriginSportsandNutrition we can just start with these. Provide them or stay gone.
    If security is your concern from providing these things then maybe your security isn’t up to par with this type of business venture.
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    "The Sources Who Needed Spoonfeeding"

    Sounds like a horror movie to me.

    Run, Forest, Run!
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    What's up meso! I had been hoping to see some good feedback being posted up by now. I suppose no one wants to be that guy though lol. I'll be doing my best to get on here more and keep everyone up to date with our sales etc. Our team is in the process of putting together some unique products for our higher level athletes and clients, more info on this soon to come soon!

    Our current email is giving us some trouble so we will be using a new address.

    We will continue to check the old account for the next week or two then it will no longer be in use. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Are you going to do like Myo-andre and ignore the comments and requests?
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    Jesus fucking Christ is this for real. Email changing sounds like Rowdy done changed his brand and resurfaced. How about some refunds?
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    The change in our email is simply a precaution. An employee of ours moved on to another endeavor he had access to the old account. As much as I trust that individual I feel like you never can be to safe about these things. I don't want anyone to think I'm dodging questions but I'm sure everyone is aware of the heavy government presence on these boards. I'm not falling into any traps from cops asking for pics. Those are the only people I see asking for stuff like that.

    As for everything else we have had many improvements over the last month. We are now working with top quality silica stoppers and new two tone tops. ( May receive old style vials on a few products we had back stock of.) We have started brewing so far 2 compounds with mct instead of gso. Also we have partnered with another lab with a tablet press so we will be stocking tabs soon.
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    We need to see your equipment and finished product with a piece of crumbled paper that says "Meso" on it and today's date
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    What other boards do you source on?