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    What’s up meso! I posted in another section on my current cycle and did a bit of an introduction. Just realized there is an entire section for intros.

    I am semi new to the forum here. I’ve done a lot of research on this forum and have learned very much from so many of the other members here. I figured I’d finally make an account and put some of my info out there. Of course, not without first uploading tits ;).

    Started my journey in early 2017. I was 310 pounds, extremely fat, and even more so unhappy. I had set out on a mission to drop my weight and achieve a physique that I’ve always dreamed of. After going from 310 to 196 I began to lift weight and began training. At some point around the 6 month mark, despite the plethora of advice out there, I made the decision to get on anabolics. I have done a number of cycles since and finally felt the need to become known here. Thanks everyone!
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    Welcome to Meso man and congrats on getting back into shape. That takes dedication. Good luck on your journey and don’t be shy about asking questions.
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    Welcome (again) bro!
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