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    I am 24 yo, started working out at 16, shortly after became a powerlifter. I started cycling at 18. Last cycle was in 21 (3 yars ago) now I consider going on again. My powerlifting career happened by coincidence because I never intended to be powelifter when I initially started training. I just happened to be strong quickly so took advantage of it and competed internationally for 3 years. My natty equipped (single layer eq) lifts were 727 squat ,440 benchpress and 595 pounds deadlift (just at turning 18 years).

    Going back I would reconsider starting cycling at 18 just because I feel I could push my natural muscle limits a bit more but I always took juice seriously and cycled reponsibly - regular health checks / bloods etc.

    The avatar is me 3 years ago 5'8" at 220 lbs.
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    Welcome. What were your cycles?
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    Thanks. I do not remember every detail but I will try to be as accurate as possible.

    Dosages are mostly correct to the best of my knowledge but cycle lengths might be off by certain percentage.

    Cycle 1

    Week 1-8 250mg tst mix E6D

    Week 4-8 Proviron

    Cycle 2

    Week 1-10 500 tst cyp E5D

    Week 1-5 30mg dbol

    Week 5-10 30mg stan

    Then there were 2 or 3 cycles I do not remember exactly, what I remember for sure are only substances used and max dosage

    Cycle 3

    Week 1-10(or 12) 50mg tst prop EOD

    Week 1-5 30-50mg stan

    Some clen 2w on 2w off

    50mg stan made me look very hard but I could not bear the joint pain so I tapered back down to 30

    Cycle 4

    Week 1-10(or 12) 250mg tst enanthate E3D

    Week 1-6 100mg nandrolone phenylpropionate EOD

    I might run dbol in this cycle as well in the beginning, don’t remember however

    Last one

    Week 1-8 100mg tst prop EOD

    Week 1-4 30mg methyldrostanolone (sdrol)

    As I said, this is my history to the best of my knowledge, I regret not taking notes for reference, might be interesting exercise. The only thing I am 100% sure about is substances I have used:

    • tst prop
    • tst enan
    • tst cyp
    • npp
    • proviron
    • dbol
    • stan
    • methyldrostanolone(sdrol)

    I usually did not suffer any noticeable side effects from these AAS except excessive pumps, elevated BP (elevated to normal levels actually since my BP is usually at lower end of normal range), joint pain from stan.

    For pct I had good experiences running Tamox + clomid combo along with anti-catabolic agent like Salbutamol. However I experienced vision problems using Clomid above 100mg. I used hcg once after longer cycle.

    I currently plan running cycle again. I am looking at something 12 – 15 weeks long to gain lean mass this autumn/winter season. Any suggestions guys?

    PS: I wish I have grown a pair of balls to experience tren cough so I can try Tren finally..however not this time yet
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    good stuff man, u started at 18? i started early too, some ppl will bitch about it and they right but what can i say how could i be a good boy when the world is filled with so many bad things u know
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    Yeah started at 18, as I said looking back maybe I would wait a little bit but I had a solid foundation anyway