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    Glad to be here
    Little bit about myself
    I have been working out sinces my 20's . My job is very physical demanding so being in shape is important plus I enjoy a good work out. Trying to educate myself on TRT and possible other options to stay on top of my game. This site seems to be the best for that. Thanks for having me.
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    Welcome. I'm new here too, but Consider yourself lucky to be 59, active, and not on TRT these days. Get some bloodwork done anyways and see where your levels are at. If you are in the nomal range, good on you. But if you are low, even 100mg a week makes a huge difference in your life. Some docs are helpful, some are not. If it comes back low, or even on the low side of the normal range, and he doesnt put you on, I would ask to see an Endocrinologist, who will get you squared away. Good luck
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    Thank you glad to be here
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