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    Hello everyone,
    Ok I’m the new guy. I realize that bing the new guy I will be met with supreme suspicion. That was evident when I posted on the steroid underground thread. So here’s my story. I’m just a chef that lifts in real life. I had a guy that I used o get my gear from but he just disappeared which started me thinking about home brewing my own. I know that I’m not going to be immediately welcomed into the fold of this community. But I’m hoping that if I stick around long enough that I can learn some things, get advice, share what I learn along the way. I also know that no one is going to give me the keys to the city that everyone has worked for for probably years. But I am hoping that eventually I’ll get some assistance and maybe be in the position to help,someone else out along my way.
    In the meantime can anyone tell me anything about Landmark Nutraceuticals? Are they a scam or legit? I’m thinking scam but somewhere out there someone eventually has to be legit. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks guys
    The new guy
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    Welcome officer ;)
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    Welcome an keep looking bud u will find what your looking for If u do
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    Welcome to Meso. GNC is the best source I’ve found, and they are domestic too.

    Just kidding. The search function is your best bet. Stick around and read.

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    thank you and bring on the heckling.
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    Careful what you wish for
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    Look in the underground.

    Welcome to Meso rx.