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    Hello everyone!

    I decided not to do an intro post as i thought it would be redundant with this one,however if you think i should do just tell me and i will.

    So a bit of intro, i am 23 YO almost 24, 5'10, 190lbs and i come from an european country.
    I have been lifting consistently for a bit more than 3 years and in the last 5-6 months i have been researching about AAS as i would really like to bring my physique to another level.

    ATM my workout schedule is full body 3 times a week for 3 hours alternated with 3 days of a 2 hours swimming workout i know this isn't optimal hower swimming is a sport that i am very affectionate and i didn't want to abandon it so far.
    However if i get into AAS i'll commit to lifting only and i'll be working out 3-4 hours 6 times a week.

    ATM my calorie intake is at maintenance and i eat about 4500 kcalories a day mainly coming from ealthy foods (freshly cooked meat,fish,vegetables,fruits,whole grains,eggs,some cheese and such) about only 500kcals come from a couple shakes before and after workouts.

    I also don't like to go out a lot and fortunately my work shifts are always 8 hours and i never work overtime so i can almost always sleep 10 hours a night which is very important for me as find it enhances my recovery exonentially.

    So intro is over now to the actual cycle (objective is to bulk):

    Blood work before, during and after

    Week 1 to 12: test C @ 250mg e3.5d
    Week 1 to 12: hcg @ 250mg e3.5d
    Week 3 to 14: asin @ 12.5mg eod (as a baseline i will adjust depending on BW tho)
    Weeks 14-18 (pct) nolva 40/40/20/20 clomid 50/25/25/25

    could add some compound/oral if you guys think it's a good idea but i'd like to keep it simple for my first cycle

    nizoral,accutane and dutasteride on hand

    even if i'm noob i'll brew my gear, if i want to eat fish i think learning to fish asap is a good idea :D + i'm a chemist so scales,solutions and % are my bread and butter.

    i think i selected my source, i'm still reading the thread and i'm only at page 450 on 1200 so far but the impressions are good if i see people are still satisfied on the recent posts i'll defo get my raws there.

    Thanks everyone waiting for your thoughts.

    P.S. BF is unknown but i'll upload some pictures

    PicsArt_07-12-08.08.16.jpg PicsArt_07-12-08.05.36.jpg PicsArt_07-12-08.03.28.jpg DSC_0298.JPG PicsArt_07-12-08.06.37.jpg
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    Your maintenance is at 4500 calories?

    You are starting your pct too soon.

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    I like the kitten boxes
    Please tell me you will store your gear there, they look highly anabolic

    In all seriousness your plan looks solid aside from needing to start pct later but you've built a great base Have fun!
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    Yup I maintain a weight of 190 lbs with this intake, guess those swimming workouts burn quite a lot of fuel however I have been doing the myfitnesspal thing for more than 3 years and I assure you numbers are correct.

    And you still haven't seen my puppy boxes :D

    What would you guys advice for PCT?

    Ai and hcg protocol seems correct to you?
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    I guess so because I would put you around 2800 or so calories without exercise. I guess swimming for two hours can get you there. Are you a professional swimmer?

    I would wait at least 3-4 weeks before starting your SERM's. I would get labs around 3 weeks after last shot to see where you are.

    Are you running hcg for testicular atrophy? I would actually wait and run it weeks 12-15.

    AI looks fine. If you need it.

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    Nope I just love swimming.

    Yes hcg is to maintain testes full and to facilitate the re-establishment of the normal hpta functions.

    Thanks for the advice on pct :)
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    In my opinion 23 is too young to take aas. Your pituitary and other hardware are still developing. You're at the height of your natural levels right now and you're about to spike your hormone level with 500mg test which is going to turn your testicles off right when they're hitting their natural stride. That being said, you need to wait to start your pct until ALL of the exogenous hormone has cleared your system. This takes two weeks after your last injection depending on ester length. hcg doesn't need to be ran all cycle. Start the hcg 6 weeks out from your last injection. This will give the testes a good head start & ample stimulation to restart them quickly when you run your nolva/clomid.
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    Actually 24 now but I get your point and appreciate the advice.
    Actually I was considering switching to prop for the last few injections to be clean of exogenous hormone first could this be a good idea?