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    I've been doing a lot of research over the past 6 to 8 months and this site seems to have all of the answers if you invest the time.

    Just wondering what you guys think about my first run at it?

    Weeks 1-12:
    500mg test e per week
    12.5mg aromasin eod to start

    Weeks 13 and 14:
    Continue Aromasin

    3 weeks from last pin:
    50mg clomid/ day for 4 weeks
    20mg nolvadex/day for 4 weeks

    Now for my only question regarding hcg. I see a ton of different opinions when it comes to hcg. Some people say start week 1 and others say start week 3 or 4. Most say 250iu twice per week. I also see a lot of recommendations for 1000iu blasts after last week of test pin. Just wondering what some of the experienced guys think. I appreciate any feedback
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome aboard and you deserve an award for actually doing some research on here before asking questions that are easily answered. If I were you I'd start the aromasin every 3-4 days and see how your body does with that and up it if needed. Also the best way to dial in your ai is to get mid cycle bloodwork. I've never ran hcg so I can't help you on that's portion.
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  6. Great user name, simple but classic.
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    Welcome to Meso @Master Baiter

    Cycle looks good. You could start 6.25 ed with aromasin and always increase it if you see any gyno sides.

    As for hcg I'm doing 500iu twice a week on 500mg of test a week.
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    I choose the blast while ester is clearing, the BEST way is to run it all the way threw probably but a blast is less pins and less money with the same effect it seems like.
    Atrophy is the one side I do not seem to get.