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    Hey guys,

    Height: 1,79 m
    Weight: 87 kg
    Age: 22 yo

    Moroccan, living in France (my english sucks), have lifted 2 years when i was 14 yo, then stopped lifting for studies, and in September 2017 started seriously lifting, with diet and training until now, so i lifted one continuous year.

    I was natty for 6 months, went from 69 kg to 85 kg, and dropped some fat, then started my first cycle (i know it was fast but..), bodybuilding is my only addiction so i am planning to compete, but in bodybuilding only (no fitness or limited weight competitions), that's why i have to put some mass before starring my first competition.

    I am an active member in the french Meso Rx, so being here means that i want new point of views, different from the French ones, as i know that protocols in my country Morocco are totally different in cycling, and i was in some facebook steroid groups too, and i know it's not the same shit.

    My first cycle was:
    1-3: Dbol 30 mg/day
    1-10: Test E 500 mg/w
    11-15: Test C 250 mg eod
    11-15: tren Ace 100 mg eod
    then Cruise on 250 mg of Test E for 2 months
    I've used some ghrp6...
    No Bad sides Effects, and no arimidex, stareted hcg at week 12 and stopped it during the cruise

    At the beginning of the cycle i was 85 kg, then went by the end of 10th week to 95 kg, and after upping test and adding tren, i went to 90 kg, but clean and more vascular, i dropped some fat, and now during the Cruise i am 87 kg.

    Some pictures:

    Before lifting

    After 6 months of lifting

    33921765_10211524629126550_6167696856668176384_n.jpg 34016854_10211524628206527_7682885980675637248_n.jpg

    During cycle (3rd week on Tren):

    7AFDBCD5-DDAD-4460-B5C7-838E2583FAD4.jpeg 407F8135-F6FC-4E75-BD6B-14CD28C2D6DD.jpeg 902968A3-5289-440C-93DF-D137CF0752B9.jpeg 30743710_10211300413041288_6266246925679329280_n.jpg

    And here i am now during the Cruise, this summer (almost 1 year of lifting):



    So at 1 september i will start my second cycle that i planned, for this year, 2 blasts and a cruise of 4 weeks between this blasts.
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    Welcome friend
    Lookn great!!
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    Thanks mate
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    Welcome! Looking forward to the French pov on things as well!
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    Please say you’re the actual big natty daddy :)
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    I didn't understand
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    There’s an American bodybuilder who’s 14 who uses the name bignattydaddy. He’s on steroids at 14
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    And he is well known here too ;)

    Welcome to Meso @Simobbuilder you done well and you came to the right place!
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    Thanks guys
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    No, I never heard of him until people started asking me that.
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    They where asking you if i am you lol?
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    Looks like what your doing is working. Welcome and keep it up.
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    Thanks bro
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    good stuff man keep it up
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    Thanks man
  20. Welcome! Why did you use emojis that were frowning and crying?