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    Not sure what to say here. I'm glad I joined. This board seems to have a wealth of information throughout every sub forum.

    I'm 27 years old. I come from an athletic family. I played Football, Basketball and baseball in highschool. Played football and baseball in college.

    I've competed in powerlifting for almost ten years now.


    Raw with sleeves
    Squat 611
    Bench 407
    Deadlift 715

    Classic Raw
    Squat 693
    Bench 407
    Deadlift 722

    Equipped/Single ply
    Squat 749
    Bench 540
    Deadlift 749 I always say 750 because it's like 749.8 or something like that.
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    Welcome to meso.

    Good intro, sorry it got missed. Cool numbers. Any cycle experience?
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    My cycle experience is two years. I've only run test.