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    I just hit the big 40 a few weeks ago. Lifting since 18, I have been on TRT doc prescribed since age 34. Never took gear before TRT. Did a few blast and cruise cycles with my pharmacy stuff, nothing crazy just 400-500 test cyp a week for 10-12 weeks with great results, and no real side effects.Was going great from age 34-37, then insurance changed so I had to switch docs. I knew from the beginning that it was going to be a problem with him as he was more concerned with the negatives, vs. the many, many benefits of TRT. Anyways, the fucker took me off completely, cold turkey,at age 37, and let me tell you after about 6 months being off, I had never felt worse in my life. I was losing muscle mass, gaining fat, couldn't lift shit in the gym, tired all the time, but the worst were the psychological effects. Depressed, withdrawn, basically, dreading getting out of bed every day, something I never really battled with, even before TRT. Basically hated life, and was ruining my marriage and my relationships with my son and everyone else. Eventually at 38 and a half, I got a new job with great insurance and went to yet another doc, but this time even he was smart enough to know you dont just stop TRT cold turkey. He put me back on at 100mg week, its been almost 1.5 years now, and I am finally getting back to a previous state in my lifting, and the other issues have dissipated as well, though it has been very slow progress. The problem now is the change in the drug laws, and the pharmacy only giving out 2ml bottles now and only exactly enough on a refill for the rx dose. Use to be able to refill up to 5, 10ml bottles in five months, making blasting and cruising a breeze.
    But anyhow, I have to turn to UG for the extras now. I just placed an order with a source on here that I have been doing extensive research on ( as best as a junior member can), and should receive it shortly. I know what the real deal feels like and what it does, so I will be able to gauge it off that at least. Also going to order a labmax kit, before i pin.
    Anyways, thats a bit about me. Glad to be here, and look forward to getting them damn gains back.
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    fuck that doc man who stops TRT cold turkey.. welcome to the board
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    Hi, I personally believe that many men would have better lives if doctors were not that ignorant about TRT
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    Thanks, glad to be here.
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    Yeah, it was pure Hell. My doc now is really good about it. And thanks, glad to be here.
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    Absolutely correct. Test effects many aspects of our physiology. Too many uneducated family docs out there in that aspect.