Investing in Ethereum (ETH)

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by PaidMyDues, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. PaidMyDues

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    After reading up on them I bought a few just kind of speculating. Seems like they have a good potential to go up in value this year. Does anyone have any experience with these? I haven't seen anybody who accepts them as payment. If They go up in value I'll probably just convert to BTC because they are more usable.
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  2. D-max

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    I'm interested in this as well. Thinking about buying some. Look how much would be made if you could buy in at the price now and they hit $1k in a few yrs like bitcoin did? Not much risk for the entry price either.
  3. Morefyah

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    I was looking for some opinions from some of you more knowledgeable crypto currency investors.
    I'm know I'm kinda late in the game but I'm hearing good things about Ethereum.
    I was thinking about buying $3000 worth.
    How do you guys feel about that?

    PIZZABOY Member

    I have also been following Ethereum, i wish i bought a ton of Bitcoin when it was low, seems like these crypto currencies are going to become much more popular, and much more regulated. With Ethereum the time to buy is now. If you have the resouces it may be worth the gamble.
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  5. Evom1

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    Ethereum if you have a good chunk of cash, it'll sky rocket this year. Litecoin is the wild card... If that goes up from its current $40...youd make a shit ton
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  6. Morefyah

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    Thanks for your feedback.
    I couple guys at my work have already made a nice chunk on Ethereum. I started digging around and read this article.
    3,000% Gains in 2017: What's Next for Ether Prices? - CoinDesk
    I think I might buy at least a couple thousand to start. Then see how it goes over the next month and maybe buy more if it continues on a upward trend.
  7. Jak3d

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    Just deposited 25 two weeks ago just to see what happens and I'm up to 44
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  8. pumpingiron22

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    BITCOIN, Eth, Litecoin and dash are all very good investment.
    Basically Gold Silver and Dimoand
  9. Jak3d

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    After all my deductions like spending money and secure savings I have about $60 a week that I'm willing to lose. Even split between the three? Which currency do you guys think I should put more money into of the three?
  10. Burrr

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    Can we put much trust in the wallets?

    Is it likely that coin base will be like absolute poker and just be a ponzi scheme that hopes we never cash out?
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  11. pumpingiron22

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    Exodus wallet is a multi currency pocket wallet. It has shape shift so you can buy sell and trade currency all in the same wallet. Btc LTC eth and a few others It's offline and you have the keys to your wallet.
  12. pumpingiron22

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  13. Morefyah

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    It's know it's not a lot of money, but I dropped $1000 on Ethereum. I just wanna see how it plays out for a month or so, then maybe I'll buy some more.
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  14. Millard Baker

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    It's almost always ill-advised investing in an asset that has just appreciated such a ridiculous amount in such a short period. The history of investing tells us that most investors are late to the party. Bubbles like this may go up some more but bubbles pop.

    What do you really think the other side of this chart will look like?

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  15. Morefyah

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    I appreciate your feedback @Millard Baker
    Your have a good point. Its not like I'm investing my life savings. I kinda just want to play it by ear for now, I'm not planning on making any huge investments.
    I do have a friend that bought $5000 in Ethereum in February and he is gotten a nice return so far.
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  16. Evom1

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    $5000 I'd imagine by now is worth close to $15,000
  17. ickyrica

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    Around 3.5 years ago I went through a knee replacement and femoral osteotomy. This left me in a bed for 6 weeks with nothing to do except pop pills and surf the web. I stumbled across Silk Road and Bitcoin. BTC was trading around 4$ per coin. I asked a handful of folks about getting some cash together and see where we might end up and I was met with insane resistance. I had a $1000 to put in at that time. All I was told is that I am on pills and I don't know what I am talking about, go opiates! I shrugged it off, guessing that the sober folks had better judgment. Nope. I lost big time. :(

    Not saying that's the case here. Just a personal story of me missing the boat.
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  18. Morefyah

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    Yeah man I think he said it was up $12000.
    Not to bad..
  19. Morefyah

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    That's a bummer man but at least you didn't lose any money. I realize that I'm a little late for bitcoin but supposedly there are still a lot of issues with there block chain technology.
    Which has made some buyers more skeptical.
    From what I understand Ethereum might be a better investment as of now.
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  20. pumpingiron22

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    I find it funny when people say. I'm late to the BTC game. There is a Never to late 21 million BTC. That can be broken down in to fragments. As far as the hard fork soft fork issue will be resolved by August. Eth had the same issue reason why there is eth and classic eth. The difference is the people that designed eth just did it with out the ok of the people. BTC is taking so long because it's more civilized and based on what every miner wants to do they must have a unamomus vote.
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